vape dripping infographic


Vape dripping is the final frontier for vaping – even for those well acquainted with their APV, dripping is the next step that every vaper must try at least once.

To introduce you to the art that is dripping, we’ve created a quick infographic to talk you through the steps of why and how, as well as a few important tips. Be sure to check it out and then try it out!

What is vape dripping?

Vape dripping is a method of vaping that’s a little more involved but offers a slew of awesome benefits (even more than usual, that is).

Firstly, it provides a level of flavour you wouldn’t have thought possible from an e liquid, and it’s more of a clean, bold taste than ever before. It can also intensify that throat hit and boost your vapour clouds, so is ideal for all the cloud chasers out there. That said, dripping isn’t really for those who only vape for the nicotine hit rather than the flavour.

How to drip

You’ll mostly only need what you already have – an eliquid and an APV. What you may not already have is a drip tip, which is the piece that will help direct the vapour where it needs to go. This drip tip (or mouth piece) is essentially a hollow tube attaches to the atomiser to make sure you get as much vapour as possible without touching your lips to the device.

To drip, you’ll need to open the atomiser to access the coils. Your device may have a mesh layer here, and you can either leave it in or take it out. Next, attach the mouth piece and drip e juice directly onto the coils. You will only need a little, so start with one or two drops then move up from there to see how much vapour you can create, and to avoid using too much and creating spillage.

Dripping takes patience and experimentation, but as soon as you inhale that first flavourful hit, you’ll understand why it’s worth the extra work!