‘Vape’ has just been named 2014’s Word Of The Year!

Congratulations vapers! Much to the delight of the team here at Vapemate, Oxford Dictionaries has named ‘vape’ the word of 2014.

Why ‘vape’?

Each year, the team at this celebrated dictionary uses their system, called New Monitor Corpus, to collect approximately 150 million English words that are currently in use each month. From there, the software pulls new or emerging words, which are examined by Oxford’s editorial team.

When it’s time to select the word of the year, lexicographers and consultants, in combination with the company’s editorial, marketing, and publicity teams, select the most popular word.   

According to oxforddictionaries.com, ‘vape’ is a verb, meaning “to inhale and exhale the vapour produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device”. It also notes that both the device and the action can be referred to as ‘vape’.

Replacing ‘selfie’, the word of 2013, use of the word ‘vape’ has grown exponentially, with reports saying that it is used 30 times more frequently now than in 2012. In April 2014, the term ‘vape’ was mentioned more than an astonishing one trillion times.

What does this mean?

Receiving this honour means that the popularity of vaping and electronic cigarettes has grown tremendously over the last few years and is now less of a select interest group and more of a mainstream item and hobby.

First appearing in the 1980s, ‘vape’ was an uncommon term for many years, but as more and more people turn away from tobacco cigarettes, and enjoy the e cigarette that we all know and love, that trend is changing.

What now?

We only get one year, so tell your friends, share this post and vape away! For vaping kits, spares and more, check out our comprehensive selection of starter kits and supplies.