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Vapemate and Death Metal Band Despite Release Another Winning Collaboration: Cog Two

Posted 10th Jan 2017 to Vaping News


One of the more exciting partnerships Vapemate has is with the popular Swedish death metal band Despite. We worked closely with their frontman, Peter Tuthill, to develop Cog One eliquid, a flavour that he can’t get enough of. Peter quit a 25-year heavy smoking habit with vaping, and spoke to us a few months ago about his experience and Despite’s new album, Synergi.

We caught up again with Peter about the amazing global reception of Synergi and our new eliquid collaboration, Cog Two.

How is Cog One treating you?

“I've been vaping on it every day since April. It's one of those ejuices that I can't live without. Sure, I vape on other juices too, but Cog One is simply one of the few that I can't get tired of no matter how much I vape on it.”

What was the inspiration for the new juice flavour, Cog Two?

“I've always been a huge fan of candies that taste like watermelon, so I asked the guys at Vapemate to make a beta batch of different watermelon based blends for Cog Two. After testing them all I found a clear winner that packs the same wow-experience punch as Cog One.”

The last major news on your site was the release of Synergi. How was the album reception from fans and critics?

“The reception of the album has been awesome from critics and fans alike. The first single 'As You Bleed' was on Jose Mangin's 'Devil's Dozen' chart on SiriusXM Liquid Metal for 11 weeks straight, three weeks out of those in third place, knocking down well-known bands in the metal scene like 'Korn', 'Slayer', 'Killswitch Engage', 'Hatebreed' and 'Periphery' to name a few. It has also been doing really well on Spotify where it at the time of this interview has over 260.000 plays. Mindblowing to say the least.”

“We believed in the album, but never could have even imagined the success it actually achieved once it was released. We recently premiered the new music video for the second single 'Awakening' on Metal Injection. And 'As You Bleed' is also featured in the 'Metal Tales: Fury of the Guitar Gods' video game that just came out on Steam. Pretty cool as all of our band members are gamers.”

In your new video, Awakening, was it a conscious choice to incorporate vaping into the video or was it just something you happened to be doing at the time?

“The director, Joel Nilsson at Maluha Media, came up with the idea to incorporate vaping clouds on location of the video shoot. We had forgot about renting a fog machine, so we decided to try using vape clouds instead, and it turned out really cool on camera, so we decided to go with it. All the mist and smoke you see in the 'Awakening' music video was created using three subohm vape mods with RDA's filled with Vapemate’s Cog One ejuice.”

Have you made any changes to your vaping kit since our last interview?

“I've become a complete vaping nerd, so my collection has grown a lot over the last year. Hehe! Mainly it's the interest for building my own coils and using them in RDA's that has put me on this path. And with new products popping up on the market each and every day I'm constantly drooling over new kits to pick up. At the moment I'm waiting for a new mech mod to arrive in the mail.”

Are there any new band developments you’d like us to share, such as upcoming gigs or new videos from Synergi being released?

“Right now we're writing songs for the next album while also looking at tours for 2017. We've done quite a few one-off gigs this year in Sweden to prepare for bigger tours. We're aware that our fanbase is mainly outside of our home country, so we really want to get out on tour in the EU and the US ASAP to give our fans the real Despite experience, and to connect with our fans in person. Despite's journey has only just begun!”

Cog Two eliquid is now available for you to try - find out more about it and order it here.

Synergi is available on iTunes, Amazon Digital, Deezer, and Google Play.


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