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Vapemate Christmas Gift Suggestions for Vapers and Quitters

Posted 14th Dec 2016 to Vaping News


If you have a vaper or a smoker who is looking to quit on your “Nice” list, we’ve got some suggestions for you. If you want guaranteed delivery for Christmas, you need to order by noon on Monday, December 19.

Smokers Looking to Quit/Beginning Vapers

A vape kit under the tree may be what the smoker in your life needs to quit, or even just to cut down a bit. Our gift suggestions keep any fiddling with parts and little bits out of the equation for a simple beginner’s experience.

Flare+ Vape Kit

The obvious gift selection for a quitter or beginning vaper is a starter kit so they can try vaping out and see if they like it. Our own branded starter kit contains everything they need to get their clouds off the ground, including a sample eliquid and two vape pens. Options are available for purchasing starter vape kits with just one pen and different features as well. 

Endura T18E and T22 Starter Kits

Endura T22 Vape Mod pictured

Weve just added these two items from Innokin to our lineup this week. The Endura T18E is a pen-style device available in many attractive colours, while the Endura T22 has the feel of a more intermediate device with the ease of operation of a beginner's device. 

Aspire Plato All-In-One Kit

If you know they’ll want to start off with something with a little more firepower than a pen, this all-in-one kit available in different colours is perfect.

Selection of Eliquids

You'll want to give your favourite quitters a selection of a few other eliquids in their favourite flavours to get them started so they don’t have to run to a vape shop during the holidays to stock up. We also have a selection of holiday flavours which are 50% off until December 31st.

For the Intermediate Vaper

The intermediate vaper may have been vaping for a while and is looking for something a little more solid to upgrade to than a vape pen. Many beginners are now starting with intermediate-level vaping devices, especially if they are all-in-one and don't require switching out of parts. 

Innokin Kroma 75W TC Kit

This device, new to Vapemate and manufactured by Innokin, has a smooth grip, a long-lasting 2000 mAh battery, and ultra-fast charging the ability to vape during charging, all at a very competitive price under £50. 

Tesla Nano 100W TC Steampunk mod

If you have a friend or family member walking around with a vape pen who has been longing for something a little more upmarket, the Tesla Nano 100W steampunk mod not only looks cool but packs ridiculous battery power and a large OLED screen.

Cool Fire IV TC100

This all-in-one kit comes with a great feature - noise cancellation - making it perfect for cloudchasers who don’t want to sound like Darth Vaper.

For the Advanced Vaper

A coil subscription service, eliquid subscription service, advanced vape kits and a gift card for all the fiddly bits that you have no idea about are all on offer for the serious cloudchaser in your life - or yourself, of course. We're proud to introduce vape hardware from Smok, one of the most 

Smok G-Priv 220W TC Box Mod

Supreme temperature control and more with a large touchscreen OLED display make the G-Priv 220W TC Box Mod the ultimate combination of tech and vaping. Pair with the Smok Helmet tank below for the ultimate gift set. 

Smok Helmet 2ml Tank

New to Vapemate! The 2ml Helmet tank comes in black and silver and allows you to easily see how much eliquid is left in the tank. Sturdy construction and leak-proof design make this the tank of choice for many vapers.

Smok Koopor Knight 80w All-In-One Kit

This kit comes with the Smok Helmet mini tank and has support for nickel, titanium and stainless steel coils so you can pick the coil that suits your preference. It also has a USB slot for firmware upgrades to allow for the most up to date features from Smok. 

Coil Subscription Service

Advanced vapers go through coils on a regular basis, and will love you forever if you take the pain of ordering them out of their lives. You will need to find out which vape kit they are using to order the appropriate coil subscription service.

For this crew, a gift card and eliquid subscription service are also good bets - advanced vapers like to try out different hardware and flavours regularly.

For any Vaper: Subscription Service & Gift Cards

Eliquid Subscription Service

This is the gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, for as little as £11.00 per month. Set them up with what you think they would like, then when you present the gift ask them what flavours they would prefer. You can change the subscription level, flavours, nicotine level and more whenever you like.

Vapemate Gift Card

If you have no idea what your favourite vaper would like from our store, a gift card makes a perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift.


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