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E-Liquid Reviews: What's Vapemate Like? 

If you cast around YouTube for a review of our flavours, you'll be met with an onslaught of eager reviewers trying out our e liquid. We've rounded up a few reviews so you can get an idea of what our liquids are like from fellow vapers of our juices and our starter Ozone vape kit. 

Steve Nichols Vaping

Steve bills himself as "just an old fart blowing clouds" and has provided a lengthy review of four Vapemate flavours which he has split into 2 parts. 



Muric Vapes reviews Vapemate Cherry Cola eliquid

Muric Vapes reviewed our Cherry Cola e juice and found it was a close facsimile of actual cherry cola. You can follow him on Twitter at  




Vape Don't Smoke Reviews Vapemate Ozone Starter Vaping Kit & Some Eliquid Flavours 

 Vape Don't Smoke likes the simplicity and affordability of our Ozone vaping kit


In this video Vape Don't Smoke reviews berry crunch, cherry pie, banana cream & blackberry crumble. 

Slipfold7Knot reviews a few of our different flavours

SK7 enjoys the mango/menthol mix liquid, New York cheesecake and a few others. You can follow him on Twitter at