Despite Swedish Metal Vapers


Despite, a popular Swedish metal band, consists not just of talented musicians, but die-hard vapers. Despite’s Instagram feed features many pictures of the band enjoying a good vape, and the band regularly promotes vaping as a means to quit smoking to their fans and followers - using their metal powers for good.

Despite’s unique style of modern metal music will grab your attention and never let go. Featuring three eight-string guitar players, this band is so heavy and down-tuned they make the Richter scale overload with their music. These guys are making metal interesting again, so listen up!


Vapemate designing new eliquid for Despite

The world got a sneak peek at the new bespoke eliquid Vapemate is tailoring for Despite on their Twitter feed in February.

Prototype of Despite eliquid

We are extremely excited about the launch of the new e liquid, which will coincide with the launch of Despite’s new album, Synergi, on July 22, 2016. We’ll be releasing more details about Despite eliquid as the launch date approaches.

Aspire designs mod for Despite

Our colleagues over at Aspire ecigs produced a branded version of their Plato sub ohm mod for Despite, which the band recently posted to Instagram. It looks very posh.

Despite Aspire Plato


Rock bands and vaping

If you’re older, and you think back to when you started smoking, it was probably in your twenties. When we are in those formative years, the messages of music really get through to us. We can all name a song or an artist who created important songs which helped us through difficult times. The promotion of vaping through bands can help turn young smokers off of a dangerous habit and give them a replacement which still allows them to fit in, buck the establishment, and brand themselves as individuals.

Vapemate launching new Despite eliquid

The natural evolution of a habit is, hopefully, the destruction of that habit - and bands can help to nudge people in the right direction. Vapemate is proud to be aligned with Despite and we look forward to launching the new Despite e juice. Stay tuned for details. You can catch a sneak preview of Synergi here:

Synergi YouTube Stream