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Vapemate Swaptober Wrapup and Holiday Giveaway Winner

Posted 4th Nov 2016 to Vaping News


Swaptober is over and done with for another year. While we don’t have the wrapup numbers yet for Stoptober as a national effort - we do have the social media numbers to tell us how many people joined us for the Vapemate Swaptober campaign.

A little over 2,500 people took part in Swaptober on our social media channels in an attempt to quit smoking, or in celebration of the fact that they already had.

To keep your Swaptober going throughout the year, follow Vapemate on social media:

We were humbled to talk to those of you on social media who shared your stories - from one person who posted the results of their smoke-free year on our Instagram, showing 7307 cigarettes not smoked, to a man on Facebook who quit smoking due to emphysema and credits the switch to vaping as saving his life.

These personal conversations showed us more than anything that the work we are doing at Vapemate isn’t just to have a bit of fun - we’re improving lives and helping people to take one of the most important steps of their lives. We take that very seriously and hope to continue to offer all of you encouragement on our Facebook page, Instagram channel, and via our email newsletter.

Our Swaptober Holiday Giveaway Winner is…

Steven Booth! He won a the £1500 holiday voucher for use on any vacation he’d like to take. We’ve already been in touch with Steven and he is ecstatic and setting up things with the travel agent. Thank you all for participating in our giveaway, and watch out for another next year.


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