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How The Tobacco Products Directive Affects the Way Your Vape is Now Sold

Posted 7th Dec 2016 to Vaping News


The Way We Sell Our Products is Changing

How the New Tobacco Products Directive Affects You


Last May the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) came into force. It sets out new regulations that affect the selling of vaping products.  And there’s been quite a buzz about it in the vaping community.

As well as ensuring we meet the new regulations, we’ve used this opportunity to restructure our eliquid range.  So you will notice some differences to how we sell your eliquid at Vapemate.

TPD actually entered into force in May 2016 and, following a transition period, the upshot is that all products sold from 20th May 2017 must be meet the new regulations.  We can still sell original stock until May 2017 but once older products are sold through, the new ones must meet the new rules.  The TPD will not be affected by the vote to leave the EU either.


So What Does It All Mean?

First let’s look at the TPD’s main aims:


  • TPD sets out minimum standards for the safety and quality of all e-cigarettes and eliquids
  • Provides consistent information to consumers so that they can make informed choices
  • Provide an environment that protects children from starting to vape


Of course these are good. We don’t want children vaping and you should know what’s in your vape because all eliquids are not created equal. But these new regulations have meant some changes that will affect you.


New Bottles, New Packaging and Greater Information

A major part of the TPD regulations is new labelling.  The regulations are very specific about how labels and packaging are presented, how ingredients are listed and even further how we advertise the products.


We’ve had to:

  • use new bottles
  • manufacture new packaging with regulation messaging (including cigarette-packet style health warnings)
  • manufacture information leaflets similar to those you might find in medicines


Submission to the MHRA

Another major step for a manufacturer is that the TPD requires each eliquid flavour to be tested for harmful emissions and the analysis be submitted to the Medicines and Health products Regulatory Authority (MHRA) for approval.  There is a charge per submission and Vapemate has one of the largest ranges in the country.

Analysis has to be submitted 6 months in advance of the product being sold – so in order to keep bringing you the eliquids you want after May 2017 we had to submit our analysis in November.


Other Changes You Will Notice:

• Refill bottles can only be a maximum 10ml and must be leak-free

• Tanks will have a maximum 2ml capacity

• Glass dripper bottles will be discontinued

• A maximum nicotine content of 20mg/per ml (2.0%)


Pricing and Selection at Vapemate - 

The Significance of the New Regulations

Meeting these regulations has had some significance to the way we can offer our products. As well as meeting the new regulations we’ve used this opportunity to restructure our eliquid selection.  And we’ve made some adjustments to our prices – but this doesn’t mean just price increases, because some prices have decreased too.

You might also notice a handful of flavours are no longer on the site.  And some of our Special Blend eliquids are now premium, so we’ve moved those into the premium Director’s Cut category.


Prices for a 10ml bottle now look like this:

Origins eliquids - £2.99 (30 vg blend)

Classic eliquids - £3.99 (50 vg or 70 vg blends)

Directors Cut eliquids - £4.99 (80 vg blend)


But we’re still competitive.

The other positives for you as a vaper are that you can see exactly what’s in your eliquid and your product quality is absolutely guaranteed.

You need not worry either if you are using an older device, or eliquid.  The regulations don’t apply to personal use of existing products, only the sale of such items.


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