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Regular vapers in US now over 9 million

Posted 16th Nov 2015 to Vaping News


Vaping has come a long way in the last decade, and with research from the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it’s now more apparent than ever just how popular vaping really is.

The CDC has just released its report on Electronic Cigarette Use Amongst Adults in the United States, which reveals that a total of 3.7 per cent of American adults use vapour products regularly. This figure equates to more than 9 million people. Further to this, more than one in ten (12.6 per cent) of American adults had tried vaping products in 2014. Of current cigarette smokers, 47.6 per cent had tried an e-cigarette, and of recent ex-smokers, 55.4 per cent had tried an e-cigarette.

Adding further fire to the flame around the ‘vaping as a gateway to cigarettes’ debate, the report shows that just 4 per cent of adults who had never smoked had ever tried an e-cigarette. Also, 22 per cent of former cigarette smokers are current users of e-cigs. 

While these figures were taken from the adult population, it certainly seems that vaping lends itself to the newer generations, with the largest portion those who had ever used a cigarette being aged 18-24. After these years, the statistics show that instances of trying and e-cig declined with age.

It’s also clear that many of those who had tried e-cigarettes in the past year were smokers who were looking to use vaping as a smoking cessation method, with 55.3 per cent of smokers who made attempts to quit trying e-cigs, and just 40.2 per cent of smokers who made no attempts to quit trying e-cigs.

The numbers of vapers around the world seem to be continuing to increase.


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