Vaper's Tongue - Get it Licked

Vaper’s Tongue - Get It Licked

Does your Lime Zinger no longer zing? Is your Apricot more Apri-not?  Then it’s quite possible you have vaper’s tongue.


What Is Vape Tongue?

Vaper’s tongue usually occurs if you’ve been vaping the same eliquid flavour for a prolonged amount of time. It's rare for it to last more than three days and it’s actually a gradual process but you won’t notice the loss of taste until obvious taste fatigue sets in.  Some sufferers say their tongue feels like it has a thick coating on it, but this is down to a dampening of the tongue's sensitivity.  And your tongue can’t be blamed for everything – the ability to differentiate flavours comes from your nose as well as your mouth.  It’s a matter of smell too.  Taste and flavour are different.  Taste is a chemical sense perceived in the tastebuds - sour, sweet, bitter, salty - whereas flavour involves the perception of the taste, and so involves your sense of smell and your brain too.


How to Beat Vaper's Tongue

So How Do You Cure Vaper's Tongue?

Vaper’s tongue, or vape tongue, can be really frustrating.  First, make sure you’re not ill – having a cold is the first way to dampen your sense of taste.  Then you could also try any of the following common remedies: 


  • Grab a glass of water.  Vaping can dehydrate your mouth, throat and sinuses, affecting your sense of taste and smell. Then keep yourself hydrated.  Let’s be honest, do you drink enough water anyway? 

Cleansing Your Palate

  • Chew on ginger, vape menthol eliquid, make like wine-taster and take a deep sniff of coffee beans… cleansing your palate is the natural go-to for loss of taste for most people. A few people even swear by a shot of vodka as a palate cleanser.   Results are mixed with these palate cleansers techniques but if they work for you then great. 

Switch Eliquid Flavours

  • Here a possible cure blurs with prevention.  In theory, simply switching e liquid flavours won’t bring back your taste. But if it works for you, it works for you.  However vaping one single e juice flavour for eternity might even bring about a dose of vaper’s tongue, so switch it up.

Stop Vaping

  • Do what?  Sorry, but time is a great healer.  Not only does it mend broken hearts it will fix your vape-tired tastebuds.  Of course, we don’t mean stop forever, but just enough to get your taste back. Then treat yourself to an explosive new flavour in celebration.


Another option could be trying to blend your own vaper’s tongue beating ejuice.  The DIY section at Vapemate has hundreds of e liquid flavour concentrates.  And it could be you create one of your own that stops your vaper’s tongue in its tracks.  You could blend any combination of e liquid concentrates and make your own special tastebud boosting eliquid.