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Vaping 95% Safer Than Smoking, Says Public Health England

Posted 2nd Sep 2015 to Vaping News


Vaping 95% safer than smoking

The government-run health organisation, Public Health England, recently put out a report saying that it believes e-cigs are a viable and useful method of quitting smoking. This might not seem like big news to us and everyone who’s already known this for years, but it could have a major effect in swaying the public’s view and correcting the many misconceptions out there about vaping.

In the PHE report, they state that based on “the best estimate so far,” e-cigarettes are 95% less dangerous than conventional cigarettes, which lead to the deaths of 100,000 U.K. citizens every year. Peter Hajeck, who is a researcher and professor at Queen Mary University and who contributed to the report, said that “My reading of the evidence is that smokers who switch to vaping remove almost all the risks smoking poses to their health.”

The report suggested that e-cigarettes could eventually be made available by prescription to those smokers who are trying to quit. While this could be a useful idea, and we support the close attention that would be paid to e-cig products that are prescribed (no more bootleg e-liquids with who knows what in them), we do think that consumers over the age of 18 should be able to freely purchase vapourisers and e-liquids as they see fit.

Whether or not the report leads to more push for e-cigs as a medicinal quit-smoking method prescribed by doctors, it means good news for vapers and the vaping industry. The politicians and groups who would push for unfairly strict regulations on vaping will have a much more uphill battle now, which we think is definitely reason to celebrate.  



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