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Vaping Advocates in the U.S. Hold Their Ground

Posted 29th Jul 2015 to Vaping News


Vaping Advocates in the U.S. Hold Their Ground


With the usage of e-cigarettes becoming more prevalent every day, the battle for vapers’ rights has reached many corners of the world. In America, vaping has been called into question by policy-makers at the city, state and even federal level.

Today, we want to focus on the “smaller” battles that are being waged against vaping in America’s towns. In Minnesota, for instance, city councils have taken it upon themselves to target the citizens of their towns that choose to vape. One of the 18 cities that are considering or have passed restrictions on the use of e-cigarettes is Lakeville, which passed an ordinance on 6 July that banned the use of e-cigarettes in public spaces.

Luckily, there are vaping activists out there like Cp O’Rourke, Director of Government Relations for Independent Vapor Retailers of Minnesota. Cap advocates for the customers and owners of vaping retailers in his home state.

“We’re encouraging all of our business owners to get out and talk with their local elected officials,” said O’Rourke. “See what these businesses are all about and understand that this is not just another arm of big tobacco, and we’re not targeting kids.”

Because of Cap and other activist’s work at raising awareness, local leaders decided not to ban the use of e-cigarettes within vape shops, which could have been a crippling economic blow for those shop owners.

Meanwhile, in Sterling, Colorado the town’s Parks, Library and Recreation Board recently held a meeting on whether or not to ban smoking and e-cigarettes in local parks.  Tamara Chapman, representing the group, Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives, was the first to speak.

“It’s like trying to slam a square peg in a round hole,” Chapman said of comparing e-cigarettes to combustible ones.

One of the board members even spoke out, saying that her husband was able to quit smoking with the help of switching to e-cigs. The outcome of the meeting will be decided next month.

We are glad to see that as the challenges to vapers rights continue to grow, vaping advocates all over the world are standing up and being making their voices heard.

Several recent news stories out of the U.S. highlight the ways in which the vaping community represents a group of consumers who won’t be bullied by politicians.



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