We all know a guy like this: they wear fedoras, they read Richard Dawkins, they spend 90% of their time hassling people on various Internet forums. Perhaps they’re most identifiable feature is the swath of hair on their neck that they just can’t seem to bother shaving. Why is that? Is that where their sense of superiority lives, in their neck beard? Whatever the reasons, the neck beard crowd has a pretty bad rep among anyone who isn’t a part of it, and vaping has unfortunately become somewhat associated with this type of guy.  People on sites like Reddit have already been debating the issue, and we’d like to weigh in as well.

Vaping - Part of the Neck Beard Starter Pack?

There are some possible reasons for this. For one, vapers do find that there are many benefits that come with e-cigarettes vs. traditional smoking, we can’t help it if we get a little bit preachy from time to time. The important thing for us to remember is that it’s a free world, and everyone’s welcome to their opinion (we just happen to like our opinions the best).

But regardless of vocal people in the vaping community can be, the tides are changing. Statistics show that vaping has become extremely popular. Vaping is now a pretty common sight, and while it may have obscure roots, it’s now a part of our day-to-day culture.

One thing that will surely improve the image of vaping is its new found popularity among celebrities. Recently, actor and professional dater of models, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted vaping outside of the Messe Basel art fair in Switzerland. We’re pretty sure that most neckbearders have never even heard of Messe Basel. Half of them probably haven’t even heard of Switzerland.

Whether you’re Leo DiCaprio or a cheese-curl eating World of Warcraft champion or somewhere in between, the fact is most vapers are just regular people, many of whom are using e-cigarettes as a way to free themselves from addiction to harmful combustible cigarettes. As vaping continues to gain an edge over analogue smoking, we say: vape on with pride!  Ask yourself do I have a neck beard?