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Vaping and weed: A match made in heaven?

Date: 23 Apr 2015 01:18

There a reason so many vape enthusiasts are also pro-weed


Here's a pretty good rule of thumb you can put in your pipe and smoke: Where tobacco trends are concerned, weed is usually not too far behind. And of course, that's all assuming it wasn't leading the charge to begin with.

It's hardly a stretch to imagine why weed lovers, being the naturalists that they are, would latch on to a THC delivery method that doesn't harsh their health vibe quite as much. But that's not the only reason vaping and weed could very well be a cosmically ordained match. Here are a few others to consider:

- Both vaping and marijuana are currently the subjects of intense legal debate -- especially in the U.S., where widespread marijuana legalisation is largely regarded as imminent. What's more, vaping has the potential to sweeten the deal for proponents of medical marijuana. In New York, legalisation passed on the condition that medical marijuana would not be smoked, but rather, ingested or vaped.

- The study didn't specify how much more beneficial weed was because it was vaped rather than smoked, but a team of Israeli researchers found that vaporised, whole-plant cannabis could reduce pain by as much as 45%.

- Pot smokers are forever seeking ways to be more discreet. And if we're being realistic, vaporisers are a million light years ahead of that cardboard tube stuffed with dryer sheets you used in college. With their burgeoning guise of social acceptability, ecigarettes containing THC can easily be disguised as a standard tobacco product -- plus the vapour they release is virtually odorless.

- To backtrack a little, the health factor is a huge reason why potheads are taking to vaporisers. Since one is laced with a smorgasbord of chemical additives and the other isn't, marijuana is already much less harmful to smoke than cigarettes. Removing the "smoke" component takes it one step further on the path to being beyond reproach. Studies have found that vaporised marijuana contains significantly fewer toxins than smoked marijuana. In fact, it's mostly just cannabinoids. Plus, pot smokers who switched to vaping reported improved respiratory conditions just a month into the switch.

Of course, in the interest of being fair and balanced, here are a couple reasons why vaping and weed may not work so well together:

- The hash oil -- compounds extracted from the marijuana plant -- can be extremely concentrated. For some people, that's a plus. For others, it can be unmanageable.

- The method for extracting the hash oil is not unlike meth baking in its riskiness. The THC has to be extracted using butane, which lends itself to fires and explosions.

- The jury is still out on scientific literature in the vaping community. It's no different for marijuana extracts. Many researchers understand the risks associated with regular pot smoking, but it may be years before there's definitive knowledge of any potential risks involved in vaping weed.



Tania D

posted on 2015-07-14 21:50:20

Hi. I would also be at the front of the queue finding the real thing would be the icing on the chocolate brownie! I have pain as I was hit by a car 35 years ago. Weed has to be less harmful than the Solpadol I'm prescribed. Oh if only . . . All the best you wonderful people


posted on 2015-04-26 20:10:10

As a guy that smokes cannabis for medical reasons as it eases my pain (I have multiple sclerosis, otherwise known as MS) but has given up tobacco after 17 years of 20+ roll ups a day (largely thanks to VM!), I would definitely say that the two things compliment each other perfectly. Now, obviously I don't smoke joints anymore and using a pipe is far from discreet, I've bought what was described as a vapouriser but technically is much closer to being a more discreet pipe kind of thing (http://www.cloupor.com/cloutank-m4-vaporizer-for-dry-herb-wax-wholesale) If an e-liquid was brought out that included some form of liquid THC (not gonna happen until cannabis is legalised I reckon!) as well as nicotine, I would be fighting my way to the front of the queue to get my hands on some! Until then, I'll have to be content with breaking the law by buying a natural (and proven to work) pain reliever.

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