Madison, Wisconsin is the latest city to create new laws about vaping

Madison, Wisconsin, is the latest pin on the map of vaping adversity. 

According to The Cap Times, the Madison City Council added vaping to the city's indoor public smoking ban last week, effectively consigning vapers to the privacy of their own homes if they want to indulge in a bit of eliquid relaxation.

But that's not the only fallout from the legislation. Some smoke shops will no longer be allowed to host vaping on their premises, meaning consumers won't be able to test vaping devices or eliquid flavours before buying them. If it's a shop that makes less than 75 per cent of its net revenue from ecigarette or eliquid sales, lighting up is now forbidden inside its doors.

Many proponents of vaping think the 75 per cent threshold is too restrictive, as it effectively shuts out a number of stores that sell vaping products and discourages customers from adopting the practise – often vapers only make the switch after being shown how to work the device or by trying the different flavours.

Currently, there is no indoor smoking ban in effect in the U.K., though organisations like the WHO have been advocating for it. Additionally, it seems that this may not be the case for Wales for much longer, as the Labour government is reportedly considering a ban.

Of course, that hasn't prevented other organisations from taking strides against vaping. Three advertisements were banned from the airwaves by the ASA for reportedly violating tobacco advertising standards, and Transport for London quietly banned vaping on the city's entire public transit system in August.