In a loss for vapers, the Canadian city of Saskatoon has recently banned all vaping in the same areas where cigarettes are prohibited. This basically means there will be no more vaping allowed in workspaces, indoor public areas, casinos, bus shelters, city parks, sports fields, or other city-operated outdoor areas. These changes are currently planned to begin on 1st January 2016.

There is one place, however, where vapers will be allowed to pull out their e-cigarettes and mods without fear of retribution, and that's in the stores where you can buy them.

That's because vape shop owners have appealed to the council, explaining that it would be both unethical and dangerous not to show customers how to use such products safely. According to the local paper, The Star Phoenix, the council voted 9-1 in this argument, with the only councilor to oppose the exemption rule saying that the nicotine in the vapour may cause harm to the store workers.

While this is a small win for vapers in the city, it is a disappointing result for vaping culture. It may add fuel to the fire that makes the public believe that vaping is right up there with smoking in terms of health effects.

In fact, the councillor who was opposed to the exemption for vape stores went so far as to say:

"What we're now doing is saying, 'Well, because somebody who's smart enough to figure out a different vehicle for delivering nicotine into people's body other than a cigarette, pipe, snuff or cigar, well we're just going to sit back and do nothing and say meh.'"

As we continue to aim to educate such disbelievers with the real facts about nicotine in vape products, we can at least be grateful that store owners in Saskatoon will be able to ensure customers know how to safely use these products.