vaping expert rant

If there is such a thing as a vaping celebrity (rather than a celebrity vaper such as DiCaprio), it would be Phil Busardo. Phil runs his own vape review website called Taste Your Juice, and has his own Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube accounts dedicated to the fine art of vaping.

It’s no surprise then, that Phil was one of a few vaping celebrities to speak at the recent Vape Jam in the UK. He, The Vaping Greek, and Grimm Green were due to speak about current leading topics such as the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and advocacy issues. That all changed, however, when time ran low and organisers instead opted for a ‘Vape Model Contest’, giveaways, and other less-than-vital sections.

Understandably, Phil was upset about the schedule change, and took to Facebook to vent his frustrations., but we’ve picked out some of the highlights for you.

“Do you not understand? Do you not get it? This is NOT fun and games. This is LIFE and DEATH… This is not cloud comps and half naked women (which I very much enjoy BTW in the right circumstance.”

“What we ARE fighting for is your RIGHT to NOT watch your mother, your father, your sister, your brother, your grandmother, your grandfather, or you best friend lay in bed dying of cancer.”

He goes on to add that he’s not against cloud comps and the other lighter, more fun side of vaping at all as it helps maintain the interest in the world of vaping, but simply asks for there to be balance.

“This industry needs to grow up and understand just how important it is. This industry needs to understand how those who make a mockery of it affects those who are trying to do things correctly and respectively. This industry needs to underhand [sic] how short term money grabbing affects those who are concerned with sustainability and longevity.”

The Vaping Greek didn’t mention the schedule change on social media, but he did retweet Phil’s rant, while Grimm Green only vaguely referred to any incident in a tweet from April 4 that said “all things considered I had a good time at [Vape Jam UK]”.