vaping for the sweet tooth

The range of vaping juices is continually expanding and it is for this very reason that so many people find vaping attractive. The fact that you don’t have to stick to the same thing time and again is great news for those vapers who like to experiment and switch it up from time to time. What are the most popular among the sweet flavour e liquids & fruity flavours?

Fruity flavoured e-juices are perfect for when you have a sweet craving or your sweet tooth enjoy a tang of exotic flavour. Pleasurable and relaxing, there are many fruit flavours to choose from.

10ml fruit flavoured e-liquids

Simple and quick, these 10ml bottles are perfect for filling on the go. There are several different brands – you may find you end up with a favourite, a bit like the Coca Cola or Pepsi debate or you are happy to mix and match favourite flavours from different brands.

Not sure where to start? Aside from individual flavours, there are vaping juices such as Fruit Blast that packs every fruit flavour you can possibly imagine into a tiny bottle.

Sweet and sour

Cherries hit both notes which is why if you like sweetness with a hint of a sour back note, the Vapemate black cherry eliquid is a great choice. With some deep notes resonating on the palate, this is a popular flavour.

Banana flavour is ideal if you like stronger fruit flavours, as are the tang of apple and cherry. Many users describe the richness of the flavour, along with smooth notes that give every flavour a unique, distinct taste.

Hints of flavours

Sometimes, you want a smoother flavour with less of a direct hit and so you’ll be looking for a flavour that takes less effort to process. In other words, you’ll be looking for the mellow flavour of coconut eliquid. If there is one flavour that spells out relaxation, it is coconut.

Not strictly a fruit flavour – it’s not fruit at all! – but a similar flavour in terms of relaxation to sit back and enjoy a slower pace of life and a relaxing vaping session is rum.

If you enjoy more exotic fruit flavours, enjoy a tang without the sour note then a mango eliquid have your name written all over it. Perfect at any time of year, some people find the lighter fruity flavours of e-juice perfect for the summer months. Whilst others are sipping cocktails, you can appreciate the lighter, exotic notes of mango juice in your vape.

Berry flavours

If there is one fruit flavour that reminds us of the English countryside and its berries. Plump, delicious blackberries growing wild in hedgerows and the slightly milder taste of blueberries are perfect for fruity flavoured eliquids. And there is the welcome zing of plump blackcurrants, the perfect accompaniment to redcurrants and other common berries.

For vaping juice, berries make the perfect backdrop of flavours. Blackcurrant is always a popular flavour but if you want a slightly mellower berry taste, then the blueberry eliquid is a great flavour to try.

Of course, you can’t discuss berries without the summer classic of strawberries. The world of tennis has luscious strawberries and cream, a heavenly combination. Mimic this combo of flavours with the strawberry milkshake eliquid. A tantalising mix of sugary sweetness that dances along the tongue with every draw.

Where to start?

We know, it’s confusing having all these bottles of eliquid lined up before you and expecting you to make a decision on a vaping juice that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Appreciating the difficulty, we have created starter packs, the ideal way of choosing not just flavours but the strength and blend of your vaping juice too.

The Vapemate classic starter pack gives you the choice of five flavours. If you enjoy classic combinations like apple and cinnamon, you can give that a try alongside orange citrus and strawberries & cream. Keep walking down memory lane with aniseed flavour – remember those sweets of yesteryear that were a complex mix of unusual flavours? – and the opt for a wildcard like ‘rainbow fruit’ and New York cheesecake flavour.

Different fruit flavours, different vaping experience

Vaping is not like smoking. Cigarettes, rollies and the old-fashioned pipe offered the same experience, more or less, every time. Flavoured tobacco is an option of course but with tobacco prices, as they are, experimenting at your own free will makes it expensive.

Vaping is different. Aside from being far more affordable – a 10ml bottle of vaping juice start at just under £3 – you can experiment with flavours, amongst other things, far more widely than you could ‘just’ smoking. So, what will be your first fruity flavour to try?