Vaping in Malaysia

If you’re a vaping nerd who follows international vape news like we do, then you might have heard about how vaping has caught on in Malaysia. The trendiest citizens of Kuala Lumpur, which is one of Asia’s most metropolitan cities, can be seen puffing on vapes in malls, bars and restaurants. We were ready and excited to post about how the growing popularity of vaping in the Asian country but before we even had a chance, the nation's’ Health Ministry proposed new legislation that would include vapes in the same category as traditional cigarettes.

The proposed legislation is backed by a number of public interest groups, including The Federation of Malaysian Consumers Association (FOMCA). FOMCA’s president, Yusof Abdul Rahman even said that “The definition of cigarette should also be expanded to include tobacco-free cigarettes and “shisha.” This guy seems to be on a warpath against consumers’ right to vape, and doesn’t seem to be very informed on the issue.

As one commenter on the article from Free Malaysia Today points out, many people cannot quit by “conventional means,” and “this is the best option for them to save their lives.” If Rahman and FOMCA are so concerned about consumers’ health, why would they inhibit use of something that could help millions of people break free from their addiction to combustible cigs?