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Vaping in the Workplace under Threat

Categories: Vaping News
Date: 14 Jul 2015 04:54

 What do you think about vaping in the workplace?

As vaping becomes increasingly popular, it has been more scrutinised by lawmakers and citizens alike. Health and policy organisations continue to analyse the effects of vaping on the user and those around them, and the battle over what spaces vaping will be allowed in continues all over the world. Now, it has reached a new ground: the office. Because e-cigarettes are not included in the broad anti-smoking laws currently in place, it is up to companies to decide for themselves what their policies on e-cigs in the workplace will entail. 

Human resources firms are beginning to suggest that office managers hurry to add vaping to their list of forbidden activities in the office, along with smoking cigarettes. Marina A. Galantro, a human resources consultant in California is recommending that “companies be proactive and amend their smoking policy now.” 

Michael Wood, a senior health benefits consultant, is advising employers to “exclude e-cigarettes just like they do any other form of tobacco within their policies.” 

These workplace policies could be a blow to many who have adopted e-cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. For an employee who is attempting to transition from the use of combustible to electronic cigarettes, is it fair to send them to the street where they will be surrounded by folks who smoke their tobacco?

Allowing e-cigarettes inside the workplace would also be a time saver. As Gary Nolan, a radio host who was once a heavy smoker and has made the switch to e-cigs points out, he probably saves ten minutes out of every hour by skipping his once frequent smoke breaks. 

Despite these potential drawbacks, it looks like we will continue to see companies banning the use of e-cigarettes in the workplace. Major companies such as Standard Life insurers and The BBC have already implemented bans on e-cigarettes in all of their buildings. 

While this news may be disappointing to many in the vaping community, it is important that there is an ongoing discussion about the use of e-cigarettes, including where and when it is appropriate. 




Jonny F

posted on 2015-07-29 16:10:15

Well said Stuart!

Stuart Fagg

posted on 2015-07-28 17:33:06

Allow in workplace Benefits: • Encourages smokers to switch to vaping by allowing it where they can't smoke • You send a message that vaping is not the same risk as smoking • Average 3 days less sick-leave per year per ex-smoker • More productivity (less smoke breaks) • Shows you are an employer that acts on evidence, not scaremongering & promote a healthier workforce • Less people walking back-in after a smoke break with bad breath • Less people congregating outside. Cons • None (there is 0 harm to bystanders) Ban in workplace Benefits • None Cons • You send a message to all existing smokers that may have switched that vaping is potentially as harmful, deterring the switch • You remove an incentive to switch by still only allowed vaping where you can smoke • You encourage a smoking like behaviour pattern. Nicotine is absorbed slower from vaping so requires little & often. Reduced opportunities to consume may necessitate a bigger nic hit, encourages return to smoking. • You surround an ex-smoking vaper with the very activity they have quit, tempts them back. • You expose the vaper to 2nd hand smoke • Those 3 days per smoker are still being lost The reason for the smokefree act is to protect people from the effects of 2nd hand smoke. There are no such risks to bystanders from vaping. All that's achieved from banning indoors is to encourage keep smoking, harming many but protecting no-one. But please, if you are allowed to vape indoors then don’t abuse it, respect your colleagues and refrain from cloud-chasing in their face.