Vaping is a disruptive technology

Telephone, Mp3s, Uber. These are all major innovations that have been labelled as “disruptive technology.” Now, that list includes ecigs and vaping too.

No, this term doesn’t mean annoying ads that play before you watch a video, or pop-ups that show up in front of your favourite websites, though those things are disruptive and they are technology.  It means that vaping, like phones and mp3s and taxi alternatives, has penetrated an industry, in this case, tobacco, with an innovative and unexpected product. Cigarette sales are down all over the world, and many people are theorising that vaping, with its potential, has a harm reduction method and quit smoking aid, might have a lot to do with that.

Innovation is the key ingredient in any disruptive technology, and vaping is a prime example of that. Vaping is so enjoyable that it’s easy to forget just how awesome it is a device. It vapourises things. When we were growing up, only superheroes and aliens could do that. But that one little trick, which could lead to millions of people living healthier lives, is helping to dismantle the Big Tobacco industry that has previously evaded the kind of karmic consequences one would expect for all of the harm it has caused.

It might be tough to believe today, but just a couple years ago, most people had never even heard the word, vape. Now it’s 2.6 million strong in the UK and is striking one of the biggest financial blows Big Tobacco has ever faced. Like the electric light bulb to darkness, vaping disrupted the status quo, ushering in a new and potentially healthier age of nicotine consumption. We’re happy to be a part of the disruption if it means helping to take down Big Tobacco!