Looking for a way to help you quit smoking?  Tried other methods before but they’ve all failed?  Have you considered vaping?


Vaping isn’t a direct way to quit the habit but it’s an excellent method to get you on your way.


What happens when you quit smoking and start vaping?


Here are some reasons that show how vaping is a great way to help you with givingupsmoking.co.uk.


vaping is a gateway to quitting smoking


Flexible Levels of Nicotine


The reason why you’re hooked on the cigarettes is because of the nicotine.  Normal methods to quit smoking, other than going cold turkey, rely on reducing the levels of nicotine you put into your body.  This may be difficult for some people to do straight away.


Vaping provides a different alternative.  It allows you to be flexible. You can choose to decrease nicotine levels or you can remain on a steady level of nicotine to keep your body satisfied.  The great benefit to vaping is regardless of the nicotine content, instead of breathing in all the harmful chemicals on a cigarette, you only inhale the vapour.


This is obviously a great reason to quit smoking and start vaping.  There are so many levels of nicotine that you can choose from to best suit you.  When you break the addiction, you can even vape with e-liquids that contain 0% nicotine.


No harmful chemicals are in the vapour you inhale.  Compare that to the tar, carbon monoxide and thousands of others you breathe in when smoking a cigarette.


You Can Enjoy Using an E-cig


How many times have you or know someone who has tried a product to help them quit but have complained that they taste nasty and just like the thing they are looking to avoid.  It’s not going to help you quit smoking if you can’t stand to put it in your mouth.


Vaping also solves this problem.  You can actually enjoy using e-cigarettes.  They give you something to look forward to using to help quit smoking.


There is such a wide variety of flavours to choose from.  There are all sorts of possibilities to explore, from sweet to savoury.  We could be wrong and maybe you enjoy the taste of tobacco. If so, you can get great tasting flavours of these too at the same time as avoiding all the harmful side effects of real cigarettes!


After all, vaping is a gateway to quit smoking so you should use a quitting aid you want to rather than something you have to.  


The importance of having the correct mindset is vital to quitting.  Vaping provides help with quitting because it can get you excited to explore a variety of e-liquid flavours, different vapes and more.  Most other methods don’t give you the same freedom.


It Provides the Same Movement as Smoking


One of the habits that you get into when smoking is raising your hand to your mouth.  Vaping provides the same function. Your body will not have urges to smoke because it can satisfy your need to repeat the movement it’s all too familiar with.


Your body is used to wanting to put something in your mouth every so often that it becomes normal.  This is one of the reasons why ex-smokers often end up snacking a lot of the time, they can’t quite ditch this habit.


Vaping mimics the actions you do for smoking but using an e-cig prevents you from taking in any of the harmful chemicals.


Actually avoiding getting the harmful substances into your body is a massive benefit of quitting smoking.  Vaping makes this happen while still giving you the satisfaction your body requires.


Safety in Numbers


vaping is a way to quit smoking



The vaping community is growing rapidly.  When you begin vaping, you will find that you are not alone in following a new path to help start quitting smoking.  


There are many people who are in the exact same boat as you.  This presents an opportunity to help bond and you can maybe help each other kick the habit.  


There will also be people who vape who have managed to quit smoking and used vaping as a starting point but now continue to do so nicotine-free because they enjoy it.  These people will be able to give you some personal advice on what steps they took to quit smoking.


What do all these people have in common?  They will support you because they understand what you are going through.  Being part of a vaping community can give you opportunities to make new friends and connect with a society of quitters.  


Answer this: how many people have you gone for a drink with, agreed to meet up or made other plans with that you met when using other quitting aids?  Probably not too many.


There is strength and safety in numbers which is a powerful tool to have when looking to quit smoking.


The NHS Recommends Using E-cigs


That’s right.  Our National Health Service actually did some research and found that using e-cigs can help you stop smoking.


As part of their NHS stop smoking service, they found that 2 out of every 3 people who vaped as part of their program successfully quit smoking.


If you’re going to be listening to anyone for advice then the NHS is going to be near the top of the list.


Vaping is a Gateway to a Healthier Lifestyle


If you start vaping as a method to help you quit smoking, you will not only be on your way to quitting for good but improving your health and wellbeing on the way.


You will become part of a community that can share your success stories to others wanting to be like you and inspire a current smoker and, maybe, save their life.