Smoking is fast becoming an incredibly expensive habit, one that you can only do in a select number of places. 

If you smoke a packet of cigarettes each day you could be spending almost £4,000 per year damaging your health, making yourself smell like an ashtray and being a social leper (because smoking just isn't socially acceptable any more). 

Vaping on the other hand, well, vaping is the healthier, much cheaper choice - plus you won’t smell, you won't be a social pariah AND you get to experience a world of flavour experiences that you won’t get anywhere else.

Which is cheaper - smoking or vaping?

If you break down the cost of smoking, you’ll quickly realise it's an expensive, pointless habit. 

The cost of a packet of cigarettes currently stands at £10.40. Yikes. But that isn’t your only outlay if you smoke. Because if you smoke you have to factor in the costs to stop you smelling bad. 

For example - the cost of running your washing machine for one hour each and every day in order to clean your clothes more frequently to get rid of the stale, acrid smell of smoke. On top of an increased electricity bill, you also have to account for the cost of extra washing powder, and if you use a tumble dryer that increases the price even further. 

But it isn’t just your clothes that you will need to clean. If you smoke in your house your carpets will need professionally cleaning too, as well as your curtains. Not to mention the cost of air fresheners. 

How much does vaping cost?

A starter kit for vaping on the other hand, such as Dash nic salts disposable pods, costs just £5.99. 

Dash nic salts are quick, easy and discreet pods that deliver around 300 puffs per pod (it has a 2ml tank capacity). For an average to moderate vaper, that will provide you with approximately two full days of vaping pleasure. 

That’s a convenient, quick to use, disposable vaping device that is half the price of a packet of fags and lasts you twice as long. 

If you’re keen to save even more money, you should opt for an e-cigarette starter kit that isn’t disposable. The outlay will be greater than a packet of cigarettes, but once you’ve bought it, you’ve bought it. The only things you will need to purchase afterwards are the e liquids to vape and the replacement component parts when the current ones start to wear out. 

Best vape starter kits

We offer a range of starter kits including: 

If you think these vape devices are expensive, have a read of this to find out just how much some people spend on their e cigarettes - most expensive vape mods in the world.

How much does it cost to vape each month?

So now that you have your device to get you started, you’ll need to purchase e liquid to fill it with. But how much will that set you back and how long does a bottle of e liquid last?

We offer over 150 different flavours of e liquid and they come in bottles ranging from 10ml e liquids to 60ml shortfill e liquids


So if a 2ml tank on a disposable vape pod is designed to last the average vaper 1-2 days, then a 10ml bottle of e liquid will last approximately 1 week, and a 60ml shortfill bottle will last a month. 

Our vapemate classic 10ml e liquids, for example, start at £2.99 per bottle, however if you don’t want to run out you can save money AND guarantee a constant supply of your favourite flavour with our subscription service (10% discount applies). 

Overall then, if smoking costs you approximately £4,000 per year, then vaping is definitely the more pocket friendly option - because even after you’ve purchased your starter kit, stocked up on a year’s worth of e liquid AND bought the replacement parts for your e cigarette to ensure it remains in tip top condition, you’re still only looking at an outlay of just £270.

£270 vs £4,000. Need we say more? 

But what if you want to save even more money? 

How much does it cost to make your own e juice?

Making your own e juice is something really only recommended for experienced vapers because it requires proper handling and an understanding of how much nicotine your body needs. But if that is you, then it is definitely worth having a go. 

Not only will you be able to create your dream blend that is unique for you and your particular tastes, but you’ll know exactly what is in your e liquid (so the next time someone questions if you even know what you’re inhaling, you can confidently reply that you do, what with having made it and all). 

But best of all, making your own vape juice can be incredibly budget-friendly (once you've got the knack of mixing and steeping your e juice down pat that is). 


You’ll need to purchase some equipment, but like investing in a vape device, it’s a one-off expense that will pay for itself a thousand times over. 

To make your own e liquid you will need:

  • 1ml, 5ml and 10ml syringes - these start at £0.25 each. 
  • Storage containers - depending on the quantity you purchase, these start at £1.29 each.
  • Bottles - starting at £2.49 for 5 plastic 10ml bottles.

Then you’ll need the e liquid constituent parts:

  • Nicotine - £1.99 for 10ml
  • VG - starting at £2.49 for 150ml
  • PG - starting at £2.49 for 150ml
  • Flavour - £2.49 for 10ml

To help you out and get the right ratio for your desired e liquid, we have created a nifty DIY e liquid calculator

As a cost guide - to make your own 10ml e liquid, with a 70:30 VG:PG ratio with 18mg nicotine strength, expect it to cost you (ingredients alone) £0.70.  


So there you have it, vaping on a budget - not only is vaping 14 times cheaper than smoking but if you make your own e liquid, you can expect to pay a fraction of what you pay for premixed e juice. 

Vaping vs smoking is a no brainer - it’s cheaper, healthier and just downright awesome.