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Vaping on Holiday? Where ecigs are banned & travel regulations

Posted 1st Jul 2016 to Vaping News


Vaping on Holiday

If you’re travelling internationally on holiday, you’ll want to do find out if vaping is legal in the airports you’ll be in, the airlines you’ll be travelling on, and what the laws are in your destination country. Ecigarette regulations in every country are undergoing changes all the time, so don’t rely on old information that you find on the Internet - try to find recent sources where you can. We’ve done some research to find what the current status of international regulations are, and here are the results.


Because of the uncertainty of vaping regulations in each country, you should not bring a high-end vaping kit with you - look at getting a cheaper starter pen for travel purposes in the event that it is confiscated or not allowed through airport security.


Where vaping is banned


There are some countries in which it is illegal to vape at all, Brazil being the most notable with many international travelers making Rio a destination for the Summer Olympics this year. Here is a list of popular destination countries where there is an outright ban on vaping:


  • Brazil

  • Austria

  • Argentina

  • Colombia

  • Indonesia

  • Malaysia

  • Mexico

  • Singapore

  • Taiwan

  • Thailand

  • UAE

  • Turkey


This list comprises countries with total bans - some countries, such as Portugal, only allow zero-nicotine vaping. For a comprehensive list of bans and restrictions in all countries, see this website.


Researching ecigarette laws in your destination country


Online resources won’t always provide the most up-to-date information on restrictions and legislation governing e-cigarette use. If you want to be absolutely sure, contact the UK embassy or consulate in your destination country - a full list of embassies & consulates and their contact information can be found here.


Airlines & Airports: All regulations are different


Generally, you won’t be able to vape on a plane, but some airlines make an exception. In airports, vaping is generally treated as smoking and you’ll need to stick to specific smoking areas. In nearly all airport terminals in the UK, vaping is not allowed except in designated smoking areas.


In the U.S., vaping devices are only allowed in carry-on baggage, and cannot be fashioned to look like explosives or weapons - vaping devices are usually only allowed in carry-on luggage internationally, but you should research your particular airline and destination to be on the safe side. You may also not have ecigarette batteries in checked baggage, or charge your ecigs in flight. There is no vaping allowed on any commercial flights for airplanes taking off from or landing in the United States as of March 2016.


Information about vaping will generally be available on each airline’s and airport’s website, and if it is not, you can email to ask.


Stealth vaping - will I get caught?


Always assume that you will get caught, and if you get caught in an airport or in a country where it is banned, the consequences are too great to chance it. Smoke detectors can detect vaping if there is enough vapour, and you will definitely get caught in an airplane toilet since the space is so small.


Wherever you go on holiday, vape safe and enjoy yourself!


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