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Vaping’s Not-So-Secret Weapon Against Smoking: Flavour

Posted 25th Nov 2016 to Vaping News


The reasons that exist for quitting smoking are numerous, obvious, and usually very personal to each individual. But something that nobody ever talks about in smoking cessation circles - except for maybe in support groups - is the fact that many smokers continue to smoke because they find it enjoyable. It may very well be that other nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) methods don’t have a high success rate because they have been unable to copy this “pleasure principle” which smokers associate with cigarettes.

The Royal College of Physicians explains this:

“Unlike NRT, [Ecigarettes] have been marketed as tobacco harm reduction consumer products rather than therapeutic goods, and also, unlike most forms of NRT, they retain several important features of smoking other than nicotine delivery, including similar hand-to-mouth movements, behavioural rituals, an inhaled sensory stimulus and a range of flavours.”

-From Nicotine Without Smoke, RCP Report on Ecigarettes

Flavours are key to helping smokers quit

Vaping allows smokers to keep some of this association without the harmful chemicals and tar of smoking - and it far and away beats smoking on one aspect: taste. While many vapers start with a tobacco flavour to ramp off smoking, they usually progress off of it to more palatable flavours. This is why it is important to have a wide range of flavours available to the public - taste is highly individualised, and what one person finds enjoyable, another will take a pass on. Vapers usually fall into two camps - those who like to vape a wide range of flavours to switch things up, and those who have one old standby that they stick to.

Controversial flavours shouldn’t be so with TPD in place

Some opponents of ecigarettes argue that sweets and dessert flavours will appeal too much to children. However, the attractiveness of these flavours doesn’t cease once you reach the age of majority. For many adults, flavours which fit in these categories are their go-to ejuices for quitting smoking. With proper regulatory controls in place, childproof packaging, and the ban on packaging eliquids to look like sweets or other items that will appeal to children, the TPD has this properly sewn up.

In addition, some vapers have reported that vaping sweets flavours helps them avoid eating the real-food counterpart, helping to stave off a bit of that post-quitting weight gain. The fear of gaining weight keeps many smokers from quitting.

What are the most popular flavours?

According to the RCP report, tobacco, fruit and menthol flavours were the most popular in 2015. This is largely backed up in our fall 2016 roundup of our most popular flavours, with the only exception being vanilla custard.

In the end, vaping simply tastes better than smoking, and having a wide range of flavours available to quitters gives them something to focus on and look forward to. This one simple thing has helped vaping become the smoking cessation method of choice for many quitters.


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