You love to vape, and you love Christmas. Why not combine these two passions when the big holiday arrives? As if you needed another reason to pull out your ecigarette and favourite eliquid flavour, here are a few ideas we had on how you should go about vaping on Christmas day.

Getting off to a good start

The holidays aren’t all about spreading cheer and relaxing by the fire – they also come with a whole heap of stress. On Christmas morning, the kids might be excited about opening up their presents, but it’s likely you’ll be thinking more about the food you have to prepare and the family you have to entertain. That’s why it’s a good idea to make your first vape of Christmas day something relaxing and invigorating. There are a loads of coffee-flavoured eliquids, but we recommend Irish Coffee. After all, it’s a holiday!

While you’re cooking

If you’re doing the cooking for your family this year, it might help to have something to puff on while you’re working over a hot stove. Fortunately, there are plenty of eliquid flavours that will allow you to work up an appetite while you cook. For example, you can try the turkey and cranberry eliquid if you’re looking forward to carving the bird, or you can skip straight to dessert and try out the Christmas pudding flavour.

When the chaos ensues

A family meal can be fun, but if politics, love, or money come up as a topic of conversation, you shouldn’t feel bad about excusing yourself to relax a little. And what better way to relax than to have some alone time with an ecigarette? For this soothing experience, try out one of the many minty eliquids on offer. The peppermint flavour is particularly festive.

Closing out the holiday

When everyone’s eaten their fill and the kids are in bed cuddling their new stuffed animals, it’s time for the adults to kick back with a celebratory glass of their favourite beverage. Whether you’re a whiskey drinker or prefer your wine, there are complementary eliquids to go with your booze of choice. Try out a nice, smoky rich pipe eliquid if you like brown liquors, or see how a flavourful egg nog ecigarette goes along with a glass of the real stuff.