Vaping’s New Look Under the TPD


The rollercoaster ride that has been the Tobacco Products Directive finally comes to halt on Friday.  From May 20th everything vaping and eliquid must be compliant or business owners risk hefty fines or potentially imprisonment.

 It’s not a new regulation either.   The TPD was introduced back in 2014, but following a transitional period everything must be fully compliant from Saturday 20th May.

 As vaper you might have already noticed a few changes to the way you vape…


Did Your Favourite Eliquid Flavour Disappear?


Hopefully not.  But the TPD (it's the Tobacco and Related Products Regulations in the UK) does require submission of every eliquid to the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).  Any that didn’t make the cut or didn’t prove economically viable to submit would possibly be shelved.


The Biggest Changes You’ll Notice


  • Bottles can only be 10ml
  • Tanks can only be a maximum size of 2ml
  • Nicotine strength can be a maximum of 2.0% (20mg/ml) – including DIY eliquids
  • Bottles must be child proof and leak free
  • Packaging/bottles must contain warning messages
  • Ingredients must be listed

Or Maybe You Won’t Notice Them At All…


Serious eliquid businesses will have embraced the changes long ago and for the last few months it’s been illegal to produce any more non-compliant eliquid.  Business could sell-through old stock, but anything new had to be compliant.

But you will notice (or have seen already) the changes to eliquid packaging.  At Vapemate we put all our eliquid into boxes, and send our orders in boxes too.  The new rules don’t necessarily require a box but do require certain warning messages to be present and other information to be available.  For us a box was the best way to do this.

The TPD has been presented in a very negative light from many quarters.  And while it does force some changes that seem crazy to vapers – such as the reduced 2ml tank size – one benefit is that as a vaper you what’s in your eliquid and can be safer when you buy. 

The regulations set out minimum standards for the safety and quality of all e-cigarettes and eliquids - your vape ingredients are regulated so the less scrupulous manufacturers will have more difficulty operating.