vaping carry on luggage

You already know that you can’t take liquids onto a flight, but now the US Department of Transportation has added that you can’t take eliquids – or any other vaping paraphernalia – onto flights either.

Up until now, many airlines had already banned such products on their flights- but this is the first time the official department has introduced the rule. Unlike some public space rules however, the Department of Transportation did not simply class vaping as ‘smoking’, but instead put vaping under the same rules as smoking.

Even though the outcome is the same, the significance is profound as it means that they have recognised that vaping and smoking are not the same.

The purpose of the ban is to ensure nobody on the flight feels uncomfortable with those around them using electronic cigarettes. They are also concerned about electronic cigarettes and the fact that these products are still relatively new to the market. The issue is that while vaping is still under scrutiny about health and safety, they would prefer to take the precautionary route and ban the products- rather than risk harming others by allowing the habit in a confined space.

This precaution underlines much of the issue around vaping, as many people still believe that it could be harmful to vapers themselves, or those nearby. While it is understandable that they might ban the practice on planes to ensure the comfort of others, the reason of it potentially being harmful to health is likely an unnecessary one.

The ban is now in place for all commercial flights to, from, and within the US. Here in the UK, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, and many other major airlines have banned vaping on board. Be sure to check with your airline before you travel if you plan to pack your gear.