First VApril switch to ecigs campaign launched

New Campaign to Encourage Switching to Vape Launches in April


Next month sees the launch of VApril, the vaping industry’s first ever national awareness campaign that encourages people to switch from smoking to vaping.


And celeb doctor Dr Christian Jessen, a long-time advocate of ecigarettes, is spokesperson and the face of new campaign.


Smokers will be encouraged to switch to vaping and monitor their health throughout the duration of the campaign.


“I am always amazed and disappointed to hear that we still have 7m smokers in this country and, according to PHE, around 40% of them have never tried vaping,” said Dr Jessen.  “Furthermore, more than half of the population don’t realise that vaping is a fraction of the risk of smoking.”

Public Health England has openly backed vaping for a number of years, supporting the e cigarette being made available on the NHS. Last October the annual NHS Stoptober smoking cessation campaign for the first time included ecigarettes in its marketing as an aid to quit.

The Independent recently reported that, while smoking rates are down, the number of quitters has declined prompting it to question whether the anti-smoking messages have reached their peak.