Vapemate’s new “OZONE” E-cigarette kit is a completely revamped cig-a-like starter kit, perfect for anyone looking to make a smooth and effortless switch to e-cigarettes. This compact and lightweight kit is nothing like those cheap, unfulfilling e-cigarettes sold in gas stations or liquor stores. Instead, Vapemate’s “Vapour Delivery System” provides a realistic and gratifying vape that will keep both new and experienced vapers tobacco-free!

Let me go through step by step exactly what makes Vapemate’s new “OZONE” kit truly something people should pay attention to. Keep in mind, I’ve been vaping for quite a while and I was sincerely surprised by how well this kit performed. It even gave an advanced vaper like me an enjoyable and satisfying nicotine fix, (which most of these cig-a-like kits often no longer do).

What’s in the Kit?    

  • 1 Ozone Battery
  • 3 cartomizers: (Each cartridge equal to approximately 20-30 cigarettes each)
  • 2 High Strength Cartridges
  • 1 Low Strength Cartridge
  • (Cartomizer refills come in either Low or Standard Strength)
  • 1 USB charger
  • 1 compact hard travel case to store all parts of kit

Cost: £14.99 ($25.15 USD)

As you can see this starter kit has everything you could possibly need to begin your vaping journey. It comes with one lightweight automatic battery, activated when the user begins sucking on the end of the cartomizer, which is attached to the vape battery. Three cartomizers, (approximately 90 cigarettes worth), in two different nicotine strengths, allows you to discover which strength is perfect for your vaping experience. The USB charger provided in this kit is nice and small so it not only fits seamlessly in the case but allows for charging on computers and in tight spaces with limited outlets.

Unlike similar starter kits, Vapemate’s “OZONE” kit comes with a durable hard case which looks almost identical to a cigarette pack and can hold your entire starter kit. This is a great feature because it eliminates the need to purchase an additional case for your vaping supplies. The case itself is the same height as an actual cigarette pack but slightly thinner, with a sleek matte finish that makes it incredibly easy to hold and it won’t slip out of your hands.

Vapemate also added a lovely extra touch to keep the items inside the case even safer by placing velvet or felt lining on the inside of the lid. One thing I did notice though is when I first opened the lid to the case it didn’t open as far back as I expected. It took a little bit of getting used to before I found the correct angle to grab the e-cig and cartridges out of the case. If the lid opened just a bit more it would be much easier to reach in and grab the items out of the case without scraping my fingers on the side of the lid. Of course, this was my personal experience and this may not be an issue for other users. 


Before trying any type of e-cigarette or e-liquid I always examine the scent of the product first to determine what flavour notes are noticeably present. One of the main reasons I do this is to see how closely the scent of the product matches the taste, and so I can also note if the flavour evolves over the period of time I am using it.

The minute I opened the “OZONE” kit my senses were overwhelmed by an amazing smell that I wanted to envelope myself in! The initial smell reminded me of a mixture of bold tobacco and rich coffee, it was definitely a wonderful surprise from what I expected to smell. Although the scent inside the case had a hint of coffee intertwined with the tobacco essences, the flavour I received as I took my first vape was pure tobacco bliss! 


After admiring the intoxicating scent of this kit I was more than ready to give it a try and see what the actual flavour profile would be. As I took my first puff off of the small but powerful e-cigarette I instantly received a wonderful, smooth and mellow tobacco taste. The flavour wasn’t too strong or overpowering and didn’t have that fake tobacco taste like so many other tobacco blends on the market today.

I really loved how it didn’t have a floral or perfume taste or smell either, just a nice bold tobacco vape. Overall I found the taste of the “OZONE” cartomizers incredibly similar to traditional cigarettes, with a bit of Vapemate’s own twist added to it. Because the taste was so similar to traditional cigarettes I believe this kit would be perfect for those individuals looking for a product to help them make the switch to vaping, all while still receiving the same taste and enjoyment they had with combustible cigarettes. 

Throat Hit & Vapor Production

My past experiences with different brands of cig-a-like e-cigarettes have all resulted in very minimal vapour production with hardly any throat hit. For those new vapers or individuals interested in starting to vape, a throat hit is the feeling you receive in the back of your throat while inhaling nicotine.

When I did receive any vapour at all with those other brands it was only because I was sucking on that little e-cigarette so hard that I thought my face was going to turn blue…and even then I still didn’t feel any type of throat hit! This was definitely not the experience I had with the “OZONE” kit! The minute I took my first vape off this e-cigarette I instantly felt a warm, tingling sensation on the back of my throat.

I didn’t have to prime the e-cigarette with short, small puffs before taking longer drags off this e-cig either. Immediately I was producing large, thick clouds of vapour that I usually only get from a much larger battery.

I truly wasn’t expecting to receive even half as much vapour production as I actually did; this is 100% the best vapour from a cig-a-like I have ever experienced hands down!!! In my opinion, the vapour production combined with the strong and satisfying throat hit this kit delivers makes this the closest you can get to an actual cigarette with this type of battery. 


Vapemate did an incredible job not only with the complete design of this kit, but the performance as well. This entire kit is extremely lightweight, compact, and durable, making it perfect for travel and everyday errands.

Unlike most of the first generation cig-a-like e-cigarettes, the “OZONE” e-cigarette isn't heavy and is actually comfortable to hold. It’s lightweight and resembles the feeling of a real cigarette which will enhance your vaping experience. It also has a sleek and sophisticated look to it so you can be confident using it out in public.

Using the kit is very self-explanatory and doesn’t require any assembly before you can use the product. Because it had been so long since I had used one of these devices I didn’t know quite what to expect from this compact kit, but this little guy sure can pack a punch and keep going for a rather long time!

The battery life was surprisingly long for such a small battery like this. When I vaped solely with the “OZONE” kit, the battery provided me with at least half a day’s worth of vaping. If I “chain-vaped” with this battery it lasted around 5-6 hours, which I personally think was still extremely long for this type of battery.

On Vapemate’s website, they state that the Ozone battery should charge within 2-3 hours, which I found to be pretty accurate. When I first vaped the battery dry it took approximately 1 ½ hours to fully charge using the USB charger plugged into a wall charger. However, charging on a computer would probably take closer to the 2-3 hours.

I did notice the first time charging the battery that the USB charger and battery both became very warm and smelled very strongly of warm plastic. Considering the battery hadn’t been charging for more than a few minutes I believe this was due to the device being brand new and never used or charged.

If this happens to your device first unplug the USB from your charging unit and remove the battery. When the battery and USB charger are separated lightly blow on them to help cool them down and place them on a cool or cold surface to finish cooling. Once both pieces are completely cooled off, (wait at least 1 hour), you can try charging again. Both my battery and charger were perfectly fine and functioned wonderfully after this. 

Overall this is without a doubt the best beginner’s cig-a-like kit I have ever tried, (and like I said before I’ve tried my fair share). After spending a significant amount of time using this kit and getting to know every aspect of it, I can confidently recommend this kit to absolutely anyone looking for an easy and functional starter kit that performs amazingly well!

One of the main reasons I would recommend this device to smokers looking to switch to vaping is the fact that this kit is so incredibly similar to traditional cigarettes. The “OZONE” case mimics the appearance of a cigarette pack, the actual e-cigarettes are relatively the same weight, size, and feel of a real cigarette, and the taste and smell are both incredibly similar to combustible cigarettes.

These are all necessary and extremely important components in order for an individual to successfully switch from smoking to vaping. After experiencing Vapemate’s outstanding “OZONE” kit, I have to say it has truly changed my opinion on cig-a-like type kits and I for one will definitely continue recommending this kit to smokers and potential vapers in the future. 

Check out the OZONE E-Cigarette Kit Here: /ecigarette-vape-starter-kits.html

~ Tiffany Birge