Washington vote yes


Hawaii has recently moved the legal vaping age to 21, and, in an independent poll, Washington voters have signaled that they too would prefer this age restriction on the products.

Elway Research surveyed 500 people to ask whether or not they would support a ban on selling both tobacco and e-cigarettes to those under the age of 21, and found that nearly two-thirds would support this idea.

The remainder said that they would prefer it if the age for purchasing these products would remain at 18.

Reportedly, the attorney general of Washington, Bob Ferguson, spoke out about the results and said that as “smoking is the number one cause of preventable death in the United States”, the results were simply common sense, and that Washingontians have shown that they support this potential law change to “save kids’ lives”.

While we certainly agree that raising the age for purchasing tobacco products is a powerful anti-smoking proposal, vaping has once again been unfairly lumped with highly damaging traditional cigarettes.

It would be far more telling if this poll had been separated into two groups – one for raising the legal age for purchasing cigarettes, and another for the legal age for electronic cigarettes. Even though some people remain unconvinced about the huge health difference between combustibles and vaping, many are already aware of this gap.

Washington is one of the few states where vaping legislation is under the microscope, with one county already having banned the use of e-cigarettes in public places. For now at least, the age at which a person can purchase vape products will remain at 18, and unfortunately, so will the age for tobacco products.