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WATCH: INTENSE debate in parliament about the TPD

Categories: Vaping News
Date: 8 Mar 2016 22:48

The House of Lords had a very lively debate about the TPD on Monday, with a number of members making some very good - and honest - points about the upcoming Tobacco Products Directive, set to go into effect on May 20. It's obvious quite a few members of the House of Lords have their suspicions about the true intentions of the TPD, with Viscount Ridley openly asking whether pharmaceutical companies may have a hand in the legislation that will severely impact so many people trying to give up smoking through ecigarettes . 

“Tell me why these devices are included at all in the Tobacco Products Directive? Because they’re not a tobacco product!” 

The debate is lively from start to finish, and you can watch it HERE: 



What do you think? Will this have an impact on the legislation? 



Carol lister

posted on 2016-03-20 18:18:32

Couldn't put what you say better myself - very well said Nick - agree wholeheartedly


posted on 2016-03-10 08:36:05

Less people smoking cigarettes and the cost of a packet goes up. More people are vaping and the government are trying to find a way to get a larger income from them. Also they don't want to rock the boat with the possibility of staying in the European Union. This is what I heard from the TPD discussion. If you clear the 'smoke' and listen to the points regarding that the pharmaceutical industry will take a hit financially and Brussels have also seen a large reduction in cigarette smoking across Europe so of course they are also concerned about the financial losses. The most interesting comment was by far 'why are these products being included in the TPD as they are not tobacco products' and I believe the answer is because they are wanting to show them together for taxation purposes. Also there was mention of being concerned with over a certain level of nicotine which could be in need of regulating. Interesting as I can go to a shop now and pick up 10 packets of cigarettes smoke them one after another but they're heavily taxed so that's ok. I'm all for being safer and healthier and this why I personally chose vaping as my way of quitting tar/tobacco and one day I will also quit nicotine. As an adult I like making decisions based on research and haven't found enough evidence to discourage my choice so why are the government not seeing it the way we are? Simply because we don't make money from this decision they do.