This is one thing you have to see to believe. It may not be the most scientific experiments, but its impact is incredibly powerful. In a video posted on Facebook, an unidentified amateur scientist decides to conduct an experiment comparing traditional cigarettes to an electronic cigarette.

The man captures a number of flies under two upturned wine glasses. He then lights a cigarette and carefully blows the smoke into one of the wine glasses. He repeats this process with the other glass, but uses the vapour from the ecigarette instead.



Over the course of the seven-minute video, the man proceeds to refill the glasses with smoke, and the results are astounding. You’ll have to watch the video to see the end results, but let’s put it this way – if you ever find yourself in an argument about the health risks of ecigarettes compared to traditional smokes, you might want to bookmark this video. It certainly helps make the case that governments should be looking into eliquid and ecigarettes as alternatives to smoking!