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We’re Almost at the End of Stoptober - But You Don’t Have to Quit Quitting

Posted 28th Oct 2016 to Vaping News


Stoptober is almost over - don't quit quitting


If you have used Stoptober (or, as we like to call it, Swaptober) to get off the cigs permanently, congratulations! But for the rest of you, just making any attempt at all is important and an excellent step in making it to the quitting finish line. With this in mind, we’d like to speak to some different sets of people - so pick your headline below, and choose your own quitting adventure! And don’t forget to enter our Swaptober giveaway - it ends on October 31st.


For those who quit but didn’t quite make it to the end


Maybe you successfully vaped for a while and then started smoking again. Whatever happened, do not beat yourself up for it - in fact doing this alone can increase your stress levels and lead you to smoke. Every single drag you take off of your vape kit is a cigarette you aren’t smoking, and most smokers have an average of 30 quit attempts - sometimes years apart - before they finally bin the cigs. A “quit attempt” counts as each time you do not smoke with the intention of staying off cigarettes for good. Each time you make a quit attempt, you increase the strength of your willpower and resolve to get it done.


You should also examine your triggers - keep a diary of when you smoke and why you believe you did it. This will help you recognize patterns, and avoid actions/foods/beverages which may make you pick it up again. For example, if you are used to having a cig with your tea, try switching to coffee and your favourite eliquid flavour to go with coffee. Switch up the experience and eliminate the triggers.


For those who quit but are planning to pick it up on November 1st again


If you’ve succeeded in not smoking for a significant portion of Stoptober, and are considering lighting up once the calendar turns over to November, or through the weekend at a Halloween party, have a look at a few things before you light up. Specifically:


-How much more money you have

-How much better you smell

-How much better your skin and hair probably look (if it’s been more than three weeks)

-How much better vaping tastes than smoking


Avoid temptation by ensuring that your vaping kit is ready at hand for any parties or social events you plan to attend, especially if there is alcohol which can lower your decision-making capabilities. You’ve made it this far. Why stop now?


If you still choose to light up again, try to supplement with vaping as much as possible and set another date for yourself to try again when you think you can manage. Remember, each quit attempt gets you closer to actually quitting.


For those who are dual-using vaping and smoking

People can get a bit judgy about dual-using. The general thought is, you’ve gotten your hand on the doorknob, so why not open it? Why are you still smoking? 

This study looked at the reasons that people continue to dual-use vaping and cigarettes, and perception of risk was a big one. A secondary reason was the use of vaping devices to deliver nicotine in places where smoking was banned, primarily in workplaces.

If you are in the risk perception category, don’t take our word for why vaping is safer than smoking. You don’t have to. While there have been one-off headlines in the press that are inflammatory, these are usually based on studies with limited sample studies or from disputable sources. Two sources you can trust - Public Health England and the Royal College of Physicians - have both released reports which conclusively prove that vaping is much safer than smoking. The Public Health England report states that vaping is 95% less risky than smoking, while the Royal College of Physicians report goes into great detail about the relative harm of vaping being far less than that of smoking. It is much safer than smoking - trust PHE and the Royal College of Physicians over Sun headlines.

If you are vaping to circumvent smoking bans, or because it is more convenient than going outside for a break, try occasionally supplementing smoking with vaping in other areas of your life. For example, try not to smoke indoors at your home - only vape indoors. This will not only make your surroundings smell better, it will eliminate that many more cigarettes from your life. When you are ready, set a quit date and try making the switch entirely.


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