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We’re e-liquidating our savoury e-liquids!

Posted 29th Mar 2015 to Vaping Style and Culture


We’re obviously big on experimentation, but sometimes, you have to be willing to move on from a lackluster effort. While some people continue to swear by our wackier flavours (such as Roast Chicken and Maple Hot Wings), they're a bit of an...acquired taste...for the majority of our customer base.

Long story short, our Roast Chicken and Smokey Bacon Eliquids had a good run, but some of our wackier flavours simply didn't have the mass appeal required to keep the effort going. It's not that no one appreciated the ability to indulge in a Hickory Smoked vape, but they're definitely more of an acquired taste for most of our customers. We hear you.

As such, we're closing down our Savoury section (R.I.P., Smokey Bacon Eliquid) and introducing a new one for our "Confectionery" flavours. There you’ll find some new treats that are certainly a bit more palatable, such as chocolate fudge brownie eliquid, candyfloss eliquid, and marshmallow eliquid. We’


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