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What do vape thought leaders have to say about the TPD?

Posted 4th Mar 2016 to Vaping News


Here's what some of the biggest thought leaders on vaping have to say about the TPD

The TPD is set to go into effect on May 20. We’ve been talking about what it is and how we’re dealing with it for a while, but what do the experts and other thought leaders have to say?

We’ve taken a look at some of the biggest authorities on vaping and electronic cigarettes and made a quick guide on what a few of them think about the new regulations coming to the EU.

Clive Bates

Arguably the most famous name in vaping is Clive Bates, who runs The Counterfactual, a blog that essentially sets the story straight about many electronic cigarette issues. He has written about the TPD at great length, and is a fantastic source of vaping discussion on many other topics, too.

He has made his opinions clear by calling it the “worst EU Directive ever made” and has said that it’s full of unintended consequences. In an article plainly outlining all that is wrong with the TPD, Clive mentions everything from the new limits on nicotine strengths and how that will likely affect the many smokers who are using high percentage eliquids to transfer or quit, to how the excessive warnings on packs will add unnecessary fire to the anti-vaping movement.

Jim McDonald

Jim McDonald is an expert on news and regulations in the vaping world, as he spends much of his time studying legislative and scientific challenges to the industry. He is a regular contributor to Vaping 360 and strongly advocates for vapers’ rights.

Even though Jim is based in the US and is therefore facing the imminent threat of strict  vaping regulations via the FDA, he has discussed the TPD and said that it “will probably be nearly as destructive”.

He said the new restrictions on advertising e-cig products “will be very harsh”, and that they will “restrict access and choice for vapers and smokers interested in trying vapour products”. He finishes with a list of organisations standing up for vaper rights in the EU, and insists that people should get in touch with them to find out how they can stand up to the TPD.

A group of 15 scientists

Proving that those opposed to the TPD are not just vape fans, a group of scientists got together to write an open letter outlining the failings of the regulations. Addressed to the EU health commissioner Tonio Borg, the letter purely addresses the scientific errors in the laws.

Like Clive Bates, the scientists mentioned the new nicotine limit on liquids, but unlike Clive Bates, they do so for another reason entirely. When the TPD begins, retailers can no longer sell liquids with more than 20mg/ml of nicotine. This figure is based on a scientific study by a Dr. Farsalino. However, Dr. Farsalino is one of the letter’s signatories, and claims that his research was misinterpreted, as this nicotine level offers “less than one third of the nicotine delivered by one tobacco cigarette” – not the same as one cigarette, as stated by the TPD.  The letter also goes on to point out the same failure of this limit (around heavy smokers) as Clive Bates did.

Here at Vapemate, we have done everything we can to get ready for the TPD, such as reducing our range and eliminating higher nicotine levels in liquids. The one part of the TPD that we really struggle with in this regard is the new requirement for ‘consistent nicotine levels’, as this is essentially impossible to provide. The open letter also has issues with this rule, stating “ensuring consistent delivery makes little sense. No such demands have been placed on tobacco cigarettes or oral tobacco”. 


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