Getting into vaping can be challenging for the uninitiated. For any beginning vaper, the mantra should be “keep it simple.” Forget about mods to start, get a pen or all-in-one device that will give your family member a tank that doesn’t leak and that is easy to fill. For any hardware, make sure you are purchasing quality hardware with a CE mark, and not something cheap that may not fit quality standards. Problems with vape hardware are one of the main reasons that starting vapers don’t continue to vape, so get her something reliable off the top.

Vape Pens - which ones are best?

Any vape pen is typically good for a starter. The advantage to a vape pen is that it is simple and feels more like a cigarette for a transitioning smoker than a tank-style device. Just push the button, inhale, and that’s it.

If you are getting a kit for someone to start out with, vape pens are usually the cheapest option as well. This makes it easy to purchase multiple vape pens - some of our starter kits even come with two vape pens. There are a couple of very good reasons you’ll want to start out with more than one pen - you can vape multiple flavours, giving yourself a bit of a variety, and you’ll have an extra on hand in case you lose one. Due to their size, they are easy to lose.

She wants a tank-style device. Which one should she use?

Look for all-in-one style devices which don’t require any swapping out of parts. An excellent example of this is the Aspire Plato which fits in the palm and has a built-in tank. The advantage to this style of device over a pen is that you get more flavour out of your ejuice. The Aspire Plato is also not like some other tank devices in that it is only good for mouth-to-lung vaping, similar to the action of an asthma inhaler. Vapes can be drawn in similar to what your mum is used to with a cigarette.

A word about safety & charging

Make sure she knows to charge any device she gets only with the USB charger supplied with her kit, and then only plugged directly into the wall and not into a computer or car charger. Vape hardware should not be left unattended while charging.

Eliquids are the easy part

When selecting eliquids, 70% vegetable glycerin (VG) is our most popular. There is a chart on the bottom of each eliquid flavour’s page to suggest what the nicotine strength should be based on current smoking habits. From there, start her off with a pack of our five most popular flavours or get her something that matches the foods and sweets she likes. A sample pack of random eliquids is included with some of our starter vape kit packs as well.

To put it simply, decide which style of vape hardware would suit her best, then get her eliquid flavours you know she’ll like.

We’ve got a hardware sale on!

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