The type of eliquid you choose says something about you


Vaping isn’t just a way to relax – it’s also a way to show your true colours. When personal expression meets a health-savvy alternative, it's a match made in heaven, and even though you may not realise it, the eliquid flavour you fancy says something about who you are. Here are a few of our most idiosyncratic flavours (and the character profiles to match). Do you recognise yourself in any of them?

Maraschino Cherry Eliquid: Money can't buy happiness, but then again, you're of the material world. That car you're driving and that rock you're rocking are the earned status symbols of a storied hustler. Which isn't to say you have a savings account to speak of – but it’s the glamour that matters, right?

Rich Cigar Eliquid: You may or may not have earned the nickname "Leatherbound," but you gravitate toward musty books, overwrought armchairs and opportunities to appear deep in thought. But first, a selfie.

Lotus Flower Eliquid: We never said you couldn't wear a flower crown. In 2015, you might opt to wear it on the inside, but that could actually be an effective visualisation technique during your weekly shavasanas. Your practice can thank us later.

Roast Chicken Eliquid: You don't leave trails of savoury smoke in your wake for sheer love of the taste. You do it because you can, and because you like the way "chicken gaspar" rolls off your tongue.

Lychee Eliquid: Hello, contrarian. Write any good clickbait headlines today? You abhor the mainstream (and conventional wisdom), but deep down, you love taking credit for introducing all your friends to all manners of exotic fancies.

Bavarian Cream Eliquid: Perhaps you missed your calling as a burlesque dancer, but you live lavishly regardless. Your life is basically one long woman-robed-in-silk chocolate commercial.

Bacon Ice Eliquid: You're the person everyone relies on to bring the party, even if there is no party planned. Always the enabler, and a trusty, reliable mate, you can at least be counted on to never take your black light posters down.

Mountain Dew Eliquid: You are the golden retriever of vapers: affable, universally liked and pleasantly predictable. Don't take that as an insult though. It's the same reason everyone loves pop songs and mac 'n' cheese.