What is the MOVE organisation and how does it help vapers?

It can sometimes feel like the only people who support vaping are vapers themselves, but the MOVE organisation is just one group that proves there are countless others behind the cause.

What makes MOVE special is that it’s comprised entirely of medical professionals. It stands for Medical Organizations supporting Vaping and Electronic cigarettes and asks that any healthcare professionals, doctors and scientists sign up to add weight to the debate.

Such support is especially meaningful when so many of the anti-vaping advocates are against electronic cigarettes purely for medical reasons. These arguments largely involve themes around nicotine found in vaping being highly addictive (regardless of the fact that most eliquids contain no nicotine or significantly lower levels than cigarettes), or that the act of vaping itself is damaging.

Fortunately, many medical professionals have taken a more open approach and are looking at the numerous benefits of vaping – first and foremost their potential role in helping with smoking cessation.

These professionals are the ones who most regularly deal with the very worst effects of tobacco smoking, from addiction to lung disease, to cancer. They are fully aware that smoking is one of the biggest and most unnecessary drains on the health system throughout the world, which is why so many are throwing their support behind electronic cigarettes as a method to help smokers to quit.

There are currently more than 350 medical supporters from countries such as Australia, Canada, France, the UK, and the USA. Each medical professional has added his or her name to the growing list of advocates who aim to prevent the rampant misinformation circulating in relation to e-cigarettes.

MOVE was developed by vapers and goes to show what real scientific research and determined supporters can achieve together.