A lung cancer diagnosis changes your life forever

We have written many articles on the blog about the many horrible effects smoking combustible cigs have on a person’s health. From numerous cancers to heart disease to stroke, the risks of smoking are huge. But lung cancer was perhaps the first health issue that was connected to combustible cigs, and it is the second most common cancer in adults today. Even if you already knew this, we think it’s worth taking a close look at the realities of this disease, as smoking rates around the world are still high.

Firstly, it is important to know the signs of the disease which, unfortunately, are similar to a harsh cold. These include intense coughing, wheezing, and hoarseness. However, a person suffering from lung cancer may also experience pain in their chest, shoulders or back that is unrelated to coughing. And when coughing does occur, there may be brownish, bloody phlegm. This might be expected for any conditions of the lung, but it’s particularly frightening in connection with cancer. If the cancer has spread, the sufferer can expect to feel weakness, loss of appetite, headaches and joint pain.

Sadly, even in this age of technological advancement, survival rates for people affected by lung cancer is less than half at all stages. Even if detected early, there is only a 49 per cent chance of survival, and if detected at Stage IV, there is a 1 per cent chance of survival. Perhaps even more tragic is that 87 per cent of lung cancer cases are linked to smoking.

We believe that no one should have to go through the pain of cancer or the loss of a loved one from cancer. The good news is that smoking rates seem to be declining here and in many places around the world, a trend that we hope will continue.