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What’s the Latest Fashion Trend? Vaping!

Posted 10th Sep 2015 to Vaping Style and Culture


 Vaping is the latest fashion trend

We might have always known that vaping would catch on the way it has – it’s just too great for it not to. But we have to admit, we’re a little surprised that vapes are emerging as one of the must-have fashion accessories of today. Despite our surprise, it makes total sense. Vapes are sleek and attractive devices, and they have great potential for customization according to everyone’s individual style.

Evidence of vaping’s popularity as a fashion item can be seen everywhere. Recently, the renowned designer, Richard Chai, teamed up with the vaping company, PAX to create a new line of high-end vapourisers.

“The device is sleek, modern, cutting edge and cool,” Chai said about vapes.  

Fashion designers aren’t the only ones helping to make vapes the hottest thing to be seen with in 2015. Celebrities like Snoop Dogg have gotten involved. He paired with a vape company last year to design a vape with a design of a street map of L.A.   

“Like any great accessory, a flashy vaporiser pen can be a conversation starter,” said the CEO of the vape company.

While the vapes these companies make might be for a slightly greener product than what goes in our vapes, we definitely agree that they are what’s in now, and are here to stay.


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