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When I Clap My Hands You’ll Be Smoke Free

Posted 29th Jul 2015 to Quit Smoking


Hypnosis for quitting smoking


There is tonnes of research out there that suggests most people who smoke cigarettes do want to quit. We know lots of vapers are in this category, and we also know that it can be tough to choose a quitting method that works since there are so many out there.  Well, now you can add hypnotism to the list. In our recent list of celebrities who’ve quit smoking (link to celeb list), three out of eight of them had used hypnotism to kick their habits. And frankly, if it’s good enough for Charlize Theron, it’s good enough for us!

Kristin Shelly, a hypnotist in Asheville, North Carolina, said in an interview that about a third of her clients come to her to quit smoking. Over three sessions, she guides her clients through mental exercises and “creative imaginings,” where she tells them that they do not need, want, or crave cigarettes. “Imagine reading a child a book before bed…like they’re living in a dream-like state,” Shelly said about the technique she uses to rid the mind of its craving for cigs.

After a pack a day habit, one 90-year-old New York City resident has been smoke-free for 26 years, and she owes her healthier lungs to hypnosis. “I was quite unaware that I was being hypnotized….I haven’t taken a puff since,” she said.  

One London-based hypnotherapy organisation claims that 92% of their past clients have not had a cigarette in 5 years and that less than 5% of clients in the past 12 months have required any follow-up sessions.

While we can understand how many would be sceptical of hypnosis, we’re of the “whatever works” philosophy. Now, follow this watch back and forth and repeat after us, I will share this article on Facebook, I will share this article on Facebook….


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