Would Winston Churchill have opted for ecigarettes?
Ecigarettes may be a newfangled phenomenon, but it took a legacy of rebellious innovators to create the conditions for their invention. 
What traits define a prototypical vaper? Well, a certain streak of irreverence, for one. For another, the ancestors of current-day vapers also shared an enthusiasm for change and a refusal to accept the status quo.
Without further ado, we present to you VapeMate's thoughts on which historical figures would have loved vaping.
George Washington: Washington never told a lie, and he certainly wouldn't start by smoking a dishonest product. In truth, today's tobacco products bear very little resemblance to the crops he grew up around on his family's tobacco farm. Plus, it's often said he was a fan of marijuana anyway. Today, he could very well have been preoccupied with leading his battalions across the Delaware River of bureaucratic red tape.
Winston Churchill: Churchill was never seen without his tobacco pipe, and so, too, would he be attached to his vape pen in the 21st century. It was also under his rule that England became one of the first countries to actively oppose Hitler's Germany. Not that the ecigarette battle can remotely compare, but those who are sticking up for this nascent technology are also pioneers in their resistance to misinformation and high levels of skepticism. 
Harriet Tubman: Tubman wasn't about to sit around waiting for the government to abolish slavery when she saw a more immediate way to save lives. Being a champion of the Underground Railroad was infinitely more heroic (and more risky) than promoting a healthier alternative to cigarettes, but we can't help but admire her courage and spunk.
Oscar Wilde: Never lacking in unpredictable puns, Wilde would have loved shocking passersby with his flamboyant eliquid flavours and wacky-looking vape pen. His witty societal critiques never missed the mark, and he never settled for things like the gross, highly toxic cigarettes of contemporary manufacture: "I have the simplest tastes," he reasons. "I am always satisfied with the best."
John Lennon: Imagine all the people finding less toxic alternatives to cigarettes -- quitting with a little help from their vape pens. He certainly got into some weirder, more experimental stuff in the later stages of his life, but it was exactly this iconoclastic streak that would have drawn him to the next logical step from his pot fixation.