In a double assault on common sense and decency, the WHO recently rejected transparency principals (and good manners) and kicked the public out of their conference center…. to work on plans to implement an international tobacco tax of 70%.

A couple of weeks back the WHO hosted a Tobacco Reduction Conference which took a turn for the worse. Normally these meetings allowed the public to sit in and listen to the Nations discuss their views and policies. However on October 13th during this particular meeting, the members of the UN unanimously agreed to kick out all public spectators. Citing that the public had no business being inside the meetings, but having the public in there is a part of what the USA classifies as checks and balances. Nevertheless, as the spectators sat outside, the UN began to discuss what ended up being a global tobacco tax intuitive.

This international tobacco tax would be almost 70% essentially making a pack of cigarettes over $30 USD!!! Keep in mind as of right now there is no such thing as a global tax on goods. If this passes (which I highly doubt), it opens the flood gates for other items to be taxed such as alcohol, guns, etc. In addition, and as you’ve probably guessed at this point, electronic cigarettes. I’m usually all for tobacco taxes and restrictions, but the downside to all these added restrictions is they will eventually treat electronic cigarettes just the same.

Currently the UN, mostly WHO, views electronic cigarettes no better than tobacco cigarettes; which is unbelievable in my opinion. Speaking of WHO, you’d think they have more important things currently like the Ebola crisis than deal with something like a global tobacco tax.