It’s a question to which there are lots of answers. There are many different reasons why people choose to vape but what are they?

Vaping is cheaper than smoking

Smoking is a habit that’s been around for a long, long time, especially in the Americas where tobacco was in abundance. In the UK, our history with smoking is far shorter. It wasn’t something that became commonplace until after the First World War. Social historians believe that the horrors of the Great War meant people needed an outlet and that came in the shape of smoking, a past time that was considered pleasurable.

But, as we started to understand the health implications of smoking, to discourage us from taking up the habit, successive governments added more and more in the way of taxes. And that means smoking is now very expensive.

Today, smoking is at its lowest level since 1974. The average consumption of cigarettes is now a mere 11.3 cigarettes each day. But that doesn’t mean its cheaper.

A pack of 20 ‘average’ cigarettes costs £10.70 (prices vary depending on brand and strength) meaning smoking 11 cigarettes a day, you’ll need to buy a packet every other day. Over a six-day period, you’ll be spending £74.90 on cigarettes.

Taking up vaping will save you money. Most people agree that when you start vaping, the best way is to start with a simple kit such as the Endura T18 II vape pen starter kit. After this initial outlay – a mere £24.99 – you have a huge choice of vaping juice from which to choose. On average, these retail at £2.99 a bottle. Of course, how many bottles of e-juice you’ll use in a week will depend on how much you vape. But a vaper with an ‘average’ vaping habit will find that one 10ml bottle will last for a week.

This constitutes a saving of £71.91 a week or £3,739.32 a year.

But let’s be clear: how much you save will depend on whether you smoke and vape (not uncommon), how much you smoked and how much you vape. But from whichever angle you look at, vaping is cheaper than smoking, a fact that is likely to remain.

Smoking is harmful to health

By 1949, over 80% of the male population smoked and a third of the female population did too. Smoking was considered harmless and so no wonder everyone found smoking attractive.

By the 1950s, however, vague notions that smoking was harmful to health started to take root. They became known as ‘coffin nails’ but the true extent of the damage smoking causes to health wasn’t fully appreciated for some time.

In 1950, the first of many research projects published their findings in the British Medical Journal. The link between smoking and lung cancer was clear. More evidence came to light in 1952 and more still in 1954. The irony is that throughout one press conference announcing the findings between lung cancer and smoking, the British Health Minister, Iain Macleod chain-smoked throughout.

We know smoking is bad for our health but what about vaping? Is vaping bad for your health?

As yet, there is no long term study into how or if vaping affects health. E-cigarettes have only been on sale in the UK since 2007 with many seeing the e-cigarette as a useful alternative to smoking.

It’s not just the nicotine in tobacco that causes a problem. There are other chemicals that cause harm to the body, including lung cancer. These chemicals are not present in high-quality vaping juice that has been produced by a reputable manufacturer and rigorously tested.

Of course, there are times when vaping is not ideal, such as vaping during pregnancy. It’s not uncommon to find that some people suffer from side effects from vaping too.

And so vaping is less harmful than smoking and so as an alternative to smoking or to help you kick the habit, they are worthy of a second look.

You can ditch nicotine

The thing that makes smoking addictive is nicotine. This chemical causes the level of dopamine and noradrenaline in your brain to change. When this happens, mood and concentration levels change as a result, something that smokers find enjoyable – it’s why they smoke!

And this fantastic feeling happens with your first drag. Nicotine zips to the brain with lightning-fast speed, your brain reacts and you feel stress and strain melt away, for a short time at least.

BUT there is a problem with this. You have to have this feeling. In other words, it becomes addictive. The more you smoke, the more you become dependent on it. And that’s why quitting smoking is hard to do.

There are many ways of quitting smoking from cold-turkey to replacing it with something else, like vaping. Many ex-smokers found that vaping was perfect for giving them the nicotine hit they need but without all the other nasties present in tobacco and also gives them the hand-to-mouth action that someone quitting smoking misses.

But vaping offers even more because you can ditch nicotine completely by opting for nicotine-free vaping juice. To reach this point you can gradually reduce the nicotine content of your vaping juice from 18mg to 12mg nicotine per 10ml, to 6mg to 3mg and then 0mg if you want to rid yourself of the need to vape.

Vaping offers so many flavour choices

Vaping is considered a hobby by many. You only have to look at the crowds at Vape Jam UK to appreciate the following that vaping in the UK has.

It brings about a relaxed state of mind and not just from nicotine. The act of enjoying a vaping session with nicotine free e juice is not to be underestimated. Whether you enjoy nicotine-free vaping or not, the choice of vaping juice flavours means a hobby that never gets bored.

From fruity flavours to savoury flavours, to experimenting with sour tastes and flavoursome concoctions, as long as you buy high-quality e-juices that are right for your vaping kit, vaping is pleasant each and every time.

Why do you vape?

And so the reasons to vape are many and varied. From helping you to quit smoking to offering a different experience each time you vape, it’s easy to see why vaping in the UK is on the rise.