Colour removal

If you’ve been buying your vaping products from Vapemate for a while, then you know we’re always updating our stock and tweaking our formulas to deliver the highest quality eliquids to our customers. Recently, one of those tweaks came in the form of removing artificial colourings from some of our eliquids.

Many of you have noticed these changes and written to us about them, so we just wanted to clear the air (and the eliquid!) and let you know that you haven’t entered a topsy turvy world without colour, it’s just us wanting to simplify our ingredients.  

Sure, these colourings may have made our products look great, but our mums always taught us that it’s what’s inside that counts. And with some of our flavours, the colouring in them was only to make them look good in the tank, not to enhance their taste. So to our customers, both the loyal returners and the welcome newcomers, never fear, you’ll be vaping the same great product, it’s just been made a little simpler.