Will vaping ever crack smoking?

A recent study found that one in ten deaths worldwide is caused by cigarettes...

And half of all those deaths come from just four countries – Russia, China, India and America.  That’s huge.  So realistically can vaping ever crack the smoking phenomenon?

Will Vaping Crack Smoking?

The report, published in medical journal The Lancet, says that population increase has led to an increase in the global numbers of smokers, despite successive decades of smoking control policies.

Recently the Office of National Statistics also reported that smoking in the UK is in decline.  This news comes against a backdrop of an increase in vaping in the UK, and perhaps it's no coincidence that the UK also has some pretty progressive policies when it comes to vaping.

The Global Burden of Diseases report was based on data taken between 1990 and 2015 from 195 countries. Senior author Emmanuela Gakidou said that one on every four men in the world is a daily smoker.

Nearly One Billion People Smoked Daily in 2015

... it stacks up as one in four men and one in twenty women.  However this was a reduction from one in three men and one in twelve women in 1990.  In Russia, where there has recently been talk of a complete ban on cigarettes, the numbers of women smoking has increased by 4%.

Perhaps we’re just lucky in the UK…


The UK has a progressive approach to vaping, but it seems that with smoking being the second highest cause of death and disability the world over, shouldn’t legislators take notice of the statistics and realise that vaping can offer a way out?

At the start of the year research from Ernst and Young showed that every four minutes someone switches to vaping in the UK – the fastest rate across the whole of Europe.  It seemed for a while that vaping could truly take the place of smoking.

But with tobacco companies aggressively targeting poorer countries where laws aren’t so robust, and politicians’ widespread fear of vaping (or fear of revenue loss according to some observers) can ecigarettes ever be in a position to replace smoking completely?

Vaping is Less Addictive Than Smoking?


It’s a very important consideration in this argument.  As eliquid only contains four ingredients there is a lot less to get addicted too.  Some studies have even shown that nicotine alone isn’t addictive.  But smokers get a hit of around 600 additives all carefully created to addict them and make their cigarette taste like... well, a cigarette.  And as long as eliquid keeps clear of those extras then it can’t retain the same power over users.

People smoke for the nicotine and die from the tar, goes the phrase.  If you taking that to heart there’s definitely room for vaping, as a nicotine delivery system, in this mix.