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The World’s First E-Cigar Lounge Opens in London

Posted 15th Jul 2014 to Vaping Style and Culture


Remember the good old days when you could go out on the town and have a nice relaxing cocktail while puffing away on your favorite cigar in a luxurious lounge? This concept may seem somewhat foreign to younger generations that have dealt with smoking bans for the majority of their lives. In 2007 a smoking ban prohibiting smoking inside public areas was enacted throughout the entire UK. Well thanks to the K-West hotel in London’s Shepherds Bush, this lost comfort is now coming back in style.

The K-West hotel has created the first E-Cigar lounge in the entire world. In an attempt to revive the popularity of the long lost “cigar rooms” of the past, K-West welcomes customers to a beautifully decorated lounge area with a contemporary electronic cigar twist. In the lounge area guests can sit back and enjoy expertly blended cocktails, order from a variety of ‘Vapestick’ electronic cigars offered in both nicotine and non-nicotine versions, and reminisce to the hits of 2007…the year the UK smoking ban was put in effect.

Full Article Available At: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2675131/A-cocktail-Vapestick-London-hotel-introduces-worlds-lounge-dedicated-selling-E-CIGARS.html



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