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Anyone who has tried to overcome a smoking habit has a story. It's no easy feat, and for those who succeed, getting rid of the cigarettes once and for all is a major milestone. There's no doubt your life will change after quitting smoking, but first you have to find the strategy that works for you. For many, that strategy has been vaping - there's no shortage of stories out there about people using ecigarettes to quit the traditional cancer sticks. 

One such story popped up recently on the review site Vape Guys UK. A reviewer on the site who goes by the name of Kevin gave insight into how he used vaping to get over his smoking habit. Kevin's story is tragic, as he found himself increasingly reliant on cigarettes following the death of his son. However, Kevin did manage to quit smoking after all, and he has vaping to thank for it. 

What makes us particularly proud about Kevin's story is that he used a Vapemate sample pack early in his journey to a smoke-free life. There's no doubt that many people feel intimidated by the vaping culture; it can seem very complex and confusing to an outsider. Our starter kits and sample packs are intended for people like Kevin who need some guidance on how to go about vaping.

Here's what Kevin had to say about his experience with Vapemate: 

"What helped me both addiction wise and financially is that Vape Mates sample packs are fantastic. You get 5 x 10ml bottles of E-lIquid for £9.99. I have a sweet tooth, their Chocolate Caramel E-Liquid is heaven on earth."

Congrats to you, Kevin, on improving your life through vaping.

If you're keen to get started on vaping, we also provide a useful resources page that can give you some guidance. 

Have you used ecigarttes to overcome a smoking habit? If so, let us know in the comments!