It’s that time of year again - time to get together with family and friends, with abundant drink and food that may or may not contain a serving of something ensconced in gelatin which only the elderly people eat. We’ve prepared some talking points for you to navigate the choppy conversational waters of holiday events when your vaping becomes the focal point of discussion.

“I’ve read those things are horrible for you!”


Ah, the tabloid-reading relative. Usually, you rely on them to spice up the party with tales of alien abductions and conspiracy theories about shady world banking types. Of course that’s fun. But given the tabloid penchant for anti-vaping headlines in 2016, they may see you pull out your kit and start raving on about that for a change. What to do?

You could say that public health experts in Britain, including the Royal College of Physicians, Public Health England, and many others have reviewed the scientific evidence around e-cigarettes and deemed them 95% less harmful than smoking, but this isn’t the way to go with tabloid-informedTM Aunt Martha. Best to keep your counsel, say something like “at least I’m off the cigs” and move on to the next topic.

“But this study says ecigs are bad for you…”


A step up from the tabloid reader, this will be the reasonably well-informed relative who has read accounts in more reputable news outlets about how vaping does a specific bad thing according to one study. This is the conversation you may want to do a little research for - we have written about ways to tell a “good” study from a “bad” study, including researching funding sources and study researchers citing their previous work.

The most frequent offending items are studies with small sample sizes, and studies done only on mice and rates, from which the results are extrapolated to the same thing happening in humans. This is especially problematic in studies done with nicotine-containing eliquids, since mice are far more sensitive to nicotine than humans.

“Won’t that thing explode?”


Next, we move into the purview of those who read the mainstream press, and believe that every ecig is risky not for what you consume from it, but from having it in your pocket. You can allay their fears by telling them that was more of a problem with first-generation “cigalikes” which have been all but phased out and cheap imports not manufactured to quality standards with the CE mark - not your obviously top-of-the-line device. Assure them that you only use the charger provided with your device and plug it into the wall, as improper charging is the only thing that causes this anymore.

“Don’t vape in the house!”


While it’s worth saying that ecig vapour does not contain the harmful toxins which ecigarettes do, you should respect your host’s wishes and vape outside. Don’t be that guy - or that girl.

“I’ve been thinking of trying those to quit.”


At long last, your chance to shine. Our only advice here would be to let them know they can start off with something simple like a vape pen or all-in-one kit; don’t befuddle them with too much talk about the best type of coil to use and which temperature you like to adjust your subohm kit to. Leave that talk for your cool cousin you’re going down the pub to with afterwards.

Whatever your conversations end up being, enjoy the season. Check our site throughout the holidays for specials which will give you a chance to stock up for 2017.